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Balanced forces do not bring about any change in motion. If forces are balanced, an object is either at rest, or moving in a straight line at constant velocity.

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Can balance force bring about any change in the state of motion?

First of all, there is no such thing as "a balanced force". If a group of twoor more forces adds up to zero, then it is the group that is balanced.A balanced group of forces all acting on the same object does not bring abouta change in the speed or direction of the object's motion.

Can balanced forces bring about any change in an object's state of motion?

If all the forces acting on a body are balanced, i.e. sum to zero, they cannot bring about a change in its state of motion.

Can balance force bring a body to rest?

Balanced forces cannot bring a body to rest. Balanced forces can act on a body which is already at rest or in motion but equal forces cannot change a bodies acceleration, kinetic energy or momentum.

If two equal forces act on and object in the opposite direction will the net force will be balanced?

If the forces acting on an object are of equal magnitude and act in opposite direction, the net force applied will be zero since the particle will remain in its earlier state of motion or of rest and the two forces will not be able to bring any change to its state.

What are various effects of force?

force can change the shape of an object.force can bring an object to rest.force can bring changes in the speed on an object .force can make an object move.

Can force always bring about change in the state of motion of an object?

A single force on an object, or a net force ... the sum of all forces on it when the sumis not zero ... always changes the object's velocity ... speed, or direction, or both.

1 In what direction do the gravitational forces act?

Gravitational forces are attractive only. They act on a line from the center of mass of one object, to the center of mass of another object, and work to bring the two objects closer together.

Forces that bring people together are called?

Centripetal forces bring people together.

What do linkages do?

They can transfer forces and bring about changes in the direction of forces

Can balance force bring about any change in state of motion?

Force is an external agent or influence, which changes or tends to changethestate of rest or state of uniform motion of a body in astraight line. Question 2. Back to Top. Question: What are balanced and unbalanced forces? ...(d) A passenger jumping out of a moving bus falls forward if he does not run forward ...

Can you bring a spaceship to a halt in space?

In principle, yes; but please note that:* There is no such thing as an "absolute velocity". You need to specify that it has zero velocity with respect to some other object. In other words, that it should move at the same velocity as that other object. As Earth, for example.* An object won't stay at such a relative velocity of zero for long. Forces, and mainly gravitational forces, will soon change its velocity. For instance, if you have a spacecraft that is in orbit around Earth, and you make it halt, it will fall straight down. (In this case, it is precisely its speed that keeps it in orbit.)

What are a social forces?

A social force is anything within a society that has the capability to bring about change or encourage someone to bring about or cause change. Social force. Any effective urge or impulse that leads to social action. Specifically, a social force is a consensus on the part of a sufficient number of the members of society to bring about social action or social change of some sort. In the plural, the social forces are the typical basic drives, or motives, which lead to the fundamental types of association and group relationship

What will bring about change in the constitution of partnership?

what will bring about change in the constitution of partnersiph

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

centrifugal (forces that bring together) and centrifugal (forces that divide)

What do winds bring change in?

Winds often bring change in the weather, or in temperature.

Can force always bring about change in the state of motion in an object?

No. (Are you sitting down - are you moving - is not the force of gravity affecting you).

What major change did Constantine bring to Byzantium?

What major change did Constantine bring to Byzantium?

Can you bring cuticle scissors in your carry on luggage on a plane?

If this object is considered sharp then no, you can't bring it.

Can power be maintained without force?

Balanced the force must be. Bring balance the Young Skywalker will.

Name the forces acting on a plastic bucket containing water held above the ground level in your handdiscuss why the forces acting on the bucket do not bring change in its state of motion?

If it is held stationary, there will be the downward force of gravity, and the upward (normal) force from your hand. The reason that the bucket does not move is because the forces are equal and opposite.

What is the meaning of leading change?

It means to lead a change, that is to bring about a change

How does the equilibrant force compare with the resulltant force?

The equilibrant force (FE) is equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction, to the resultant force (FR). When the sum of the forces (resultant force) acting on an object is not zero, the object is not in equilibrium. The equilibrant force is the force added to the resultant force, that will bring the object to equilibrium, i.e. zero. FE + FR = 0 FE = -FR.

What is the meaning of object pronoun?

An object pronoun is a pronoun that functions as the object of a verb (direct or indirect) and as the object of a preposition.The object pronouns are: me, us, you, him, her, it, them, and whom.Mom likes these cookies. I will bring her some of them.

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