What type of clothes do Muslims wear?

Muslims wear the clothes that they like and colors that they prefers but subject to certain rules. Accordingly, Muslims can select the clothing styles and fashions that meet these rules and on the other hand meet his/her own preference and tendencies.

For men, there is no specific cloth requirement by religion. It is subject to the local cultures and traditions. However, the cloth should, at least, cover the body from naval to knees and should not be silk cloth. Men are forbidden also from wearing gold as ring, necklace, or by anyhow.

For women, no restriction on the cloth material or colors. The cloth could be from silk or any other material. It could be colorful or not. It could be dark colored, white colored, of different colors, whatever. It could be one piece cloth or more than one piece.

However, women are commanded by Islam to wear cloth that covers the whole body, including head, hair, and neck but not required , per religion, to cover face and hands. That cloth:

  • should not be so tight to describe the woman body or sexy parts, and

  • should not be so transparent to make the under cloth visible.

The part of the cloth covering the head (and hair) but not the face is called Hijab in Arabic (or head dress or scarf).