What type of clothes do models wear?

When they're on a shoot, models wear what the photographer, art director, and the end client want them to appear in. For fashion work, the end client supplies the clothing, sometimes the models have the option to keep the clothing from the shoot (it can't be sold retail), the model will usually supply their own undergarments. For work other than fashion the photgrapher and/or art director will arrange with the model ahead of time for the model to bring the needed clothing, or arrange to have it supplied for the shoot. What clothing is needed depends on the shoot. If Its a resort, it will be clothing appropriate for the locations at the resort they'll be shooting at. If the shoot will depict a happy family buying its first house... and so on.

When they're not on a shoot models wear whatever they want, like everyone else. It helps their career if they don't look like they never wore a business suit or long dress or a golf outfit or whatever before - it's more a matter of a positive attitude at work than what they wear at home, but it might be helpful to have tried a wide variety of clothing on in stores so there's some sense of how to carry yourself when wearing it.