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What type of clothes do people in France wear?


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France is a modern country in Europe. You will find the people there dress the same as in any industrialized nation, including the United States, Germany or England. Years ago, there were many regional differences, and people often wore what today look like folk or peasant costumes; French people were also known for wearing little hats called "berets." These days, due to globalization, most people dress the way a working person, or a business person, or a casual person would dress-- it depends on the situation. Some sources do say that French people tend to dress more stylishly than in some other countries, but there is no way to prove that. Of course, France still preserves its history and culture, and in some parts of the country, you might still see traditional clothing, but in cities like Paris, expect the latest fashions and a wide range of styles from comfortable to business-casual to the latest designer clothes.


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