What type of clothes do people wear in Romania?

Yong Romanian girls wear very skimpy clothes. They show a lot of skin, but still look good.
Well who answered this was not quite good informed.
Romanian people are one of the most elegant people. Because the French influence, Romanian women are dressing in dresses and skirts- because they still are feminine and don't buy the feminism ideas from other countries. Men wear pants of course. After 1989 the American influence changed a little the dressing habits and many people wear casual clothing like blue jeans, but still with elegant and stylish blouses or t-shirts.
Young people are dressing a little different, but not all young people are embracing this new culture. In Romania decency it is still a big thing.
After 1989 Chinese and Turkish clothing industry flooded the market and some clothes are not so good quality like used to be. Still, people don't dress beautiful only when they go to work but when they go out shopping. Women wear make up and take good care of their appearance, men like cashmere sweaters and good cotton shirts. They like to dress in colors that mach.
Women wear high-heeled shoes which give them a classy style. Men wear shoes that mach their pants.
Romanian are civilized people and very open minded. The bathing suits are 2 pieces from women. Because their beauty they are not ashamed to show their long legs and nice skin.

On the beach is topless, if are an American, and have old people and kids in your family you gonna fell very embarrassing. The most of aquatic parks is topless, for them is normal.