What type of clothing do japenes empresses wear?

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It's unlikely that members of the Japanese imperial family wore commoner type kimonos in historical times. Formal imperial garb didn't change much from the 10th century on. The most formal for a lady would be the multi-layer dress called the junihitoe. They might be available as expensive wedding rental gowns these days.

This isn't easy to recreate, so you need to improvise something easier. If you think a crown and tiara might do it, what's on the heads of traditional hinaningyo dolls are pretty much what the emperor and empress would have worn.

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What type of clothing do they wear in China?

Today, people in China dress very similar to current trends that you would find people wearing in Europe and North America. You wouldn't be able to see much of a difference between fashion trends among an American teen and a Chinese teen. For formal events, cheongsams and qipaos are common for women ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did the Cherokee wear?

Cherokee men and boys wore breechcloths and leggings. Cherokee women and girls wore wraparound skirts and ponco-style blouses. All Cherokee wore moccasins on their feet.

What type of clothes do chinese wear?

The type of clothes that Chinese people wear include typicalChinese outfits. These outfits can be elaborate or very plain.

What type of clothes do kings wear?

robes with rings or jewelry made with silk also fur on top. Carried purses, cap. Shoes were really colourful, pointed with a curled toe. Also combination of shirts, belts, pants, socks and a cloak.

What type of clothing do pediatricians have to wear?

In my opinion i think that pediatricians should have to wear scrubs just like the nurses do. They should just have more professional looking scrubs and they should be able to tell the difference. They ware the same clothing as other people.

What types of clothing did the Acadians wear?

Types of clothing worn by the Acadians when they first left Francewas the simple peasant-type dress. As soon as they were settled,garments became made of wool and linen, and cottons in the 1800'sevolving to whatever fabrics were available at the store. In the1850's men adopted the tailored suit look ( Full Answer )

What type of clothes do the Chinese wear?

My parents went to China and they found tons and tons of name brand clothing, like Juicy Couture, Polo, True Religion, Chanel, Tiffany and Company, etc. and it was all much much cheaper there than anywhere in the US. So I'm sure you can assume that most Chinese wear the same types of clothing that a ( Full Answer )

What type of clothes do Italians wear?

The type of clothes that Italians wear tends to depend upon the particular situation. For example, Italians tend to dress up whenever they go outside for other than recreational reasons. This tends to hold true even for going out shopping or keeping appointments, such as with the doctor. It definite ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing do Pagans wear?

Pagans wear the same clothing as everyone else. Personal freedom preferences sometimes dictate flowing, lighter fabric clothes during rituals but you cannot pick a Pagan out of a crown based on clothing. The vast majority of us go off to work in suits, uniforms and overalls depending on our jobs.

What type of clothes do gentry wear?

The gentry, or upperclass wear fine knit jumpers, cashmere cotton and expensive taste wear. Such brands associated with 'gentry wear' are those like Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills, Lyle and Scott, Gant and other expensive garment companies. Typical trousers may be made from tweed t, expensive denim and cr ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did Bushrangers wear?

During the Australian gold rush period bushrangers wore the typical dress of the day, that is moleskin or cord material trousers, shirts with long sleeves and collars and sometimes a buttoned waistcoat over the top. They often wore a cravat or neckerchief under the collar like a tie and a straw hat ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did Confucius wear?

Chinese stuff, like silk robes as he grew older and satin pants. but, since when he was a young boy growing up in poverty, he probably wore ragged patches of fabric and dusty old clothes as that was basically all he could afford.

What type of clothes do emo's wear?

"Emo" is a genre of music. Not a style. But the kind of people you are referring to often wear skin tight skinny jeans, band tee's and converses.

What type of clothing do Lutherans wear?

If you mean when they are attending service, then it entirely depends on the individual church. Some churches are very formal, while others are more relaxed. At any Lutheran church, though, you will see everything from jeans to suits. There is no dress code.

What type of clothing do Italians wear?

Italians wear the same thing we Americans do. They are interested in fashion and have some major fasion shops like Gucci in Rome. They wear clothes just like us but lighter.

What type of clothing do Kenyans wear?

K-Mart. Believe it or not, but the K in K-Mart originally stood for Kenya. The earliest collections of clothing were inspired by tribal Kenyan patterns.

What type of clothes do Muslims wear?

Muslims wear the clothes that they like and colors that they prefers but subject to certain rules. Accordingly, Muslims can select the clothing styles and fashions that meet these rules and on the other hand meet his/her own preference and tendencies. For men, there is no specific cloth requireme ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing do colombians wear?

colombians wear sporting clothes and they woman also wear tight and t-shirt they are always wearing fancy clothes and well dress for everthing

What types of clothes did the Europeans wear?

The types of clothes that the Europeans wear are similar to whatthe rest of the world wears. Most of the fashion trends arebelieved to originate from Europe.

What type of clothes do you wear in the rainforest?

Wear layers and waterproof everything. Make sure you have someheavy-duty boots that can trudge through mud and rotting things onthe ground, and socks that can be pulled up over your pant bottomsor pants that can be tucked into your boots. Remember that the lessskin you have exposed, the fewer places ( Full Answer )

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For most Christians, they wear the same type of clothing that other people wear... they might wear more formal clothing to church, but on weekdays they wear regular clothes... jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, button-up shirts, or whatever is appropriate to the occasion.

What type of clothes do pirates wear?

what types of clothes did pirate captains wear?answer; pirate captains use to wear hand made clothing made out of sheep back then it was stylish the chicks diggeed it then their jeans were made out of very fine cloth like the ones our is made out of

What type of clothing do they wear in Georgia?

They a lot of the time in Georgia wear plaid and jeans and stuff that is very very casual so if your going down there it would be smart to pack jeans to get down and dirty yall

What types of clothing does Anubis wear?

Anubis and other ancient Egyptians gods wore the clothes that the ancient Egyptians themselves are typically thought to have worn due to depictions; the shendyt was kilt like, belted and folded or plated at the front.

What type of clothes do models wear?

When they're on a shoot, models wear what the photographer, art director, and the end client want them to appear in. For fashion work, the end client supplies the clothing, sometimes the models have the option to keep the clothing from the shoot (it can't be sold retail), the model will usually supp ( Full Answer )

What type of clothes do Filipinos wear?

Filipinos wear comfortable clothes during summer like jeans, T-shirts, shorts, blouses, casual dresses and sweater and jackets during the rainy season.

What type of clothing did the Mesopotamians wear?

i think that mesopotamians wore qurraiers Both the female and male wore dresses, but the male only had one strap on their dress, and the female had two straps on their dress.

What type of clothes France wear?

smart clothing, they don't like to dress casually. The women like to wear a berret and a chequered jacket with a smart skirt and the men like to wear pedal pushers with sandals and a t-shirt. France is famous for its fashionable clothing.

What types of clothes do they wear in Algeria?

They wear normal clothes on most days but in some special days likeparties or marriage or after Ramadan (Aid El fotar-Aid El Adha)they wear traditional dress like : The Karakou is a typical traditional dress and incorporatesa velvet jacket embroidered in gold and silver worn with thetraditional sa ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did monks wear?

Monks in the middle ages wore long garments usually with a hood, benedictine monks AKA the black monks wore black robes where as their offshoot, Cistercian monks wore white instead.

What types of clothes do you like to wear?

It kinda depends what mood i am in:) if we are going out somewhere nice i will where a nice dress or jeans and a nice top. in the summer i like shorts/playsuits and in the winter i like hooded jumpers and skinny jeans with ugg boots:) it will be interesting to see what other people say XD How abo ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing did the Zhuang wear?

YOu know... if you look at asome websties about Chinese minorities, then you can see it. They wear some kind a very specific head attire, it looks little like a turban, but it's a little different.