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the feathery clouds in the sky that kind of look like Eyelashes are cirrus clouds


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Cirrus is a High-étage cloud, whereas Cumulus is a Low-étage cloud. So Cirrus.

The cirrus is the lowest type of cloud.

Cirrus is the wispiest cloud.

Yes, the term 'cirrus cloud' is a compoundnoun, a word combining two or more words to form a noun with a meaning of its own. The compound noun cirrus cloud is a word for a specific type of cloud.

There is NO higher cloud than the cirrus cloud

No. It is an adjective defining a type of cloud.

Intro-cirrus...the most recently discovered cloud type is, of course, the rarest!

A cirrus cloud is a feather like cloud.

The correct answer would be cirrus.

Cirrus cloud belongs to the atmosphere layer.

"Calculus" is not a cloud formation; the others are.

cirrus cloud are white thick and fuirry

A cirrus cloud can be described as wispy and feathery.

there is no other cloud higher than a cirrus cloud

no cirrus does not cause weather. no cirrus does not cause weather.

Cirrus clouds are found at about 16,500 feet in altitude. The cirrus cloud is very wispy and feather-like in appearance.

Hurricane is to storm as cirrus is to cloud.

Cirrus clouds corse rain storm

Cirrus clouds are not made out of water droplets.

Generally, none. The cloud can be a precursor to weather, however, as cirrus cloud often precedes cold fronts.

Cirrus clouds could be defined as lonely, as they only are formed in mostly clear blue skies, and are by themselves. Usually, when there is a cirrus cloud, there are no cumulus clouds in the area. The cirrus cloud doesn't really do anything - it's just a light cloud formation. It doesn't rain, but is rather the very brainchild of a cumulus cloud.

A cirrus cloud is made of water vapor that has condensed on tiny particles of dust.

A thin hair like cloud is a cirrus cloud. They are usually wispy and white, and are made of ice crystals.cirrus

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