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Q: What type of consumers does Calvin Klein target?
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How much does a Calvin klein bikini cost?

This depends on the availability, style, date, size and model of the bikini you want, as one type of Calvin Klein bikini is not the same price as another.

What type of underwear did Mark Wahlberg model for Calvin Klein?

Mark Wahlberg modeled for Calvin Klein ads in the early 1990's. He did not model only one type of underwear nor only one type of clothing item. He was mostly a boxer briefs model.

CK One refers to what type of product by Calvin Klein?

CK One by Calvin Klein is a citrus aromatic fragrance made for the usage of both men and women; therefore, it is unisex. CK One was first launched in 1994.

What boxer brief is the best type?

Well I like Calvin Klein but first maybe try 100% cotton or autograph or even Aussie bum.

What type of consumers are mammals?

ThEy are crackhead consumers..

What type of Consumers is a spider?

Secondary Consumers

What type of consumers are crabs?

Crabs are second-level consumers

What type of products are available in the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet?

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet has clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. Adidas, Calvin Klein and Armani are just a few of the designer brands they have to offer.

What type of products do City Chain sell?

The types of products that City Chain sell include designer watches such as the Primo Swiss, the C squared City Watch, and other brands such as Calvin Klein, Delvina, Alba and Diesel.

What type underwear do 13 year old boys wear?

I am 13 and I wear Calvin Klein and American Eagle boxer briefs. They aren't too tight and they give enough support. If you are thirteen you should wear boxer briefs.

In developing marketing programs and strategies should company develop based on age of consumers or generation type of consumers?

Definitely, you don't talk in the same way and don't target the same communication channel for 2 different customers. It all depend if there is a big difference between the target customers or not but it is logical to adapt its way to communicate.

What type of consumers are human?

Humans are omnivores and are considered to be apex consumers.

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