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It would be a violation, not a crime.

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Q: What type of crime is it to get a speeding ticket in a national park?
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How much would a speeding ticket cost in Redwood City California for someone going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone?

A speeding ticket for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone would cost 150 dollars. This is the cost across the country for all speeding violations. The only exception is if the offense occurred in a national park or in a construction zone.

Can a game warden give you a speeding ticket?

Only if you are on a state or federal reservation or Park where their jurisdiction allows.

Do you get insurance points for a speeding ticket on federal land such as a national park?

Yes, the citation is turned over to the governing court and the court clerk sends the citation to DMV and that's how you get the points. Unless you never pay the ticket and then they suspend your license in some states for upaid citation.

Does the National Park Service use a different set of laws regarding SS on speeding tickets than the state the park is in?

Depending on the jurisdiction of the National Park, National Park Service Law Enforcement can cite (ticket) you for either violations of state or federal law. The three federal laws you should review are: 36 CFR 4.2 (State law applicable) 36 CFR 4.21 (Speed Limits) 36 CFR 4.22 (Unsafe operation)

Can you drink alcohol at Yellowstone national park?

Well i have been given a ticket for it so im guessing that, although you can purchase alcohol with in the park, no you can not consume it in the park!?!?

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