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he is cool

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What drugs did Tim Allen do?

Tim Allen was addicted to cocaine.

What did Tim Allen go to prison for?

Tim Allen served time for conviction of possession of cocaine and intent to deliver.

When was Tim Allen born?

Tim Allen was born on June 13, 1953.

Who does the voice of buzz lightyear?

Comedian Tim Allen does the voice in the movies.Tim Allen .

What actors and actresses appeared in Tim Allen Rewires America - 1991?

The cast of Tim Allen Rewires America - 1991 includes: Tim Allen as himself

Is Tim Allen ted Allen's brother?

No. Tim Allen was born Timothy Allen Dick and Ted Allen was born Edward R. Allen.Hope this helps some.

Did Tim Allen ever to drugs?

Tim Allen did do drugs and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

What movie is Tim Allen from?

Tim Allen is in the Christmas film. "Santa Claus the movie" :) x

Who does the Michigan commercials Cliff Robertson or Tim Allen?

The voice is Tim Allen, not Cliff Robertson

Are Tim Allen and Rick Allen brothers?


Are comedians Tim Allen and Jeff Allen brothers?

Apparently not. Jeff Allen was born in Saulk Village, Illinois in 1956.* There is no record available to indicate Tim Allen ever resided there at that time. *Source:

Who is Tim Allen?

a comedian

What is a famous person named Tim?

Tiny Tim Tim Allen Tim Robbins Tim Burton Tim Conway Tim Lahaye

How old is Tim Allen?

US comic actor Tim Allen is 64 years old (born Timothy Allen Dick, June 13, 1953).

Does Tim Allen have a son?

Yes, Tim Allen has a son named Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

How much does Tim Allen earn for the pure Michigan commercials?

Tim Allen makes 3.72 million per episode

Is Tim Allen related to Woody Allen?

No - the two are not related. Woody Allen was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg. Tim Allen was born Timothy Allen Dick. They both picked up their shared surname when they adopted it as part of their stage name.

How tall is Tim Allen?


Who is the Chevy spokesperson?

Tim Allen.

Who does the voiceover for Michigan?

Tim Allen

What does Tim Allen do for a job?

He is an actor.

What is Tim Allen's birthday?

Tim Allen was born on June 13, 1953.

Who are some Famous People in Colorado history?

Tim Allen was an actor and did the voice of buzz lightyear. Google "Tim Allen" for more info.

Was Tim Allen in the Lion King?

Tim Allen, as in the actor, wasn't in The Lion King, although there was an animator by the same name that worked on the film.

Where dos Tim Allen live?


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