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on a shiny day

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Q: What type of day would you see cirrus clouds?
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How would the day look if there were cirrus clouds?


Which clouds would you see on a nice sunny day?

Some types of cloud you might see on a nice sunny day are cumulus clouds or perhaps cirrus clouds..

What weather that comes with cirrus clouds?

the weather that a cirrus cloud comes out is during the day time ,some time in the afternoon in a warm and hot type of air

What kind of cloud would you see in fair wheather?

Cumulus clouds are usually associated with fair weather.The type of cloud that is most closely associated with fair weather is a cirrus cloud. These white clouds are wispy and light, often blown by strong winds.stratusCumulus CloudsCumulus Clouds-have flat bottoms and often indicate fair weatherThe cloud type that indicated fair weather is most commonly cirrus clouds. These are wispy, light clouds that are thinly spread across the sky.cumuluscumulusThink its cumulus but im not sure.Good luck :)Cirrus clouds and Cumulus clouds.Cumulus

Why are cirrus clouds rain clouds?

Cirrus clouds arrive before other clouds as a warm front approaches because the are the leading edge of the front. They typically form as the warm front approaches a cold front or stationary boundary.

What type of cloud would you see on a cold stormy day?

its a cumulonimbus clouds that you see

What type of clouds do you see on a rainy day?

The type of cloud one them self would see is a huge gray cloud

What type of weather does cumulonimbus clouds appear in?

A cumulonimbus cloud would usually appear on a hot, humid summer day. As these clouds build up, you then get a thunderstorm.

It is a gray cloudy day and light rain is falling What type of clouds would you expect to see?

It is a cumulus cloud.

What are the three basic kind of clouds?

There are actually four. Cumulus- moderate altitude, white, puffy clouds. Cirrus- high altitude; looks like hair in the sky and usually means fair weather. Stratus-Low altitude and an overcast sky or fog is an example. Cumulonimbus- These are puffy dark clouds that tower and are very tall.They usually bring thunderstorms. There are also over 100 other types of clouds.

Is it warmer when there are clouds in the sky?

Cumulus clouds have a net cooling effect while Cirrus have a net warming effect. At night, most any cloud will make it warmer by trapping radiation (heat) from the earth. During the day, most clouds will act to block solar radiation and make it a little cooler.

What are four classes of clouds by altitude?

Stratus -- very low on ground level, fog Cumulus -- sunny day clouds, low in the sky Cumulonimbus -- they extend through all levels Cirrus -- ice clouds, the highest clouds Sixty years ago I was taught in school the above were the types of clouds, but apparently it isn't that simple. Visit the link below to understand cloud types more thoroughly.