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computer is mainly divided into 3 parts, 1.input devices 2.processing unit 3. output devices. In which , keyboards and computer mice fall in input devices by which we can send data/instruction into processing unit which is called CPU. And result will be displayed through output devices.Monitors and Printers are output devices.

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Q: What type of device are monitors and printers?
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What type of hardware device is a monitors and printers?

Computer monitors and printers are output hardware.

What devices are printers and monitors?

Printers and monitors are printers and monitors.

What small program enables a computer to communicate with devices such as printers and monitors?

Device Drives are types of software that enables the computer to communicate with devices such as printers and additional monitors .

Explain output device?

A device that excepts information from the computer. These can be speakers, monitors, robots, printers, etc.

What are printers and monitors called?

Printers and monitors are output devices.

Is speaker an output device?

Short Answer: YesLong(er) answer: anything that receives signal from the computer to present something is an output device. This includes speakers, monitors, printers and other devices of that type.

What are the 5 examples of output device?

Monitors, Printers, NIC's, Hard Drives can be both, and optical drives.

What is output interface?

An output interface is a device that show information or data from a computer. Some examples of output devices are printers and monitors.

What is the purpose of an output device?

Representing information visually.Examples include Monitors and Printers.

Printers and monitors are examples of?


What type of monitor could be an input device?

Touch-screen monitors.

What type of device when installed is not listed in bios setup device manager or the printers windows?

External Devices

What are parts of periperals in computer?

A peripheral is a device attached to a host computer, but not part of it.Some common peripheral devices are keyboards, printers, computer monitors

What type a device when installed is not listed in BIOS setup device manager or the printers window?

there is not a device made that man kind knows about

What does peripheral devices such as printers and monitors are considered to be?


What are the exmples of output devices?

Speakers, Printers, Monitors

Is Keyboards monitors and printers a Peripheral devices?

Yes, they are.

What are the examples of output devices?

An output device is something that shows or gives you the data that has been processed by a computer. Examples include monitors, printers, speakers, etc.

How input device are used?

An input device is a device that send data to the computer in a form which the computer understands and respond. Computer can be described as a device that outputs answer to the inputted questions. An examples of input devices are keyboard and web camera and examples of output devices can be printers and monitors.

What devices that display or prints information by a computer?

Monitors and Printers

What are the two main types of output devices?

Monitors and Printers.

Are monitors and printers are output devices for the computer?

yeah dude

What are ouput devices used for?

to utilizes any data from computer to perform a task. Weather it is a voice hardcopy or display

Is hardware a output or input device?

They're both! Monitors are output devices and so are printers. A common input devices would be keyboards or mice and all are considered hardware.

What type of device when installed is not listed in bios setup device manager or the printers window?

1. Some scanners and usb/firewire devices

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