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mixed economy

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Q: What type of economy does Argentina have?
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Related questions

What is argentina's economy type?

The economy is a free enterprise market economy.

What kind of economy does Argentina have?

Agricultural economy or market

Is Argentina a market economy a command economy or is it a mixed economy?


Is Argentina a mixed economy?

Argentina is a mixed economy. The banks are state owned and it does not have a completely free market yet. It is not a command economy.

Where does The agricultural region Argentina's economy depends on?

pampas landmark was the agricultural region argentina's economy was mainly dependent on..

What is Argentina's primarily economy?


On what does Argentina's economy depend?

farming and Catholic

Is Argentina considered an undeveloped country?

No, but Argentina's economy is operating way below its potential.

How is andean region important to Argentina's economy?

How is the Andean region important to Argentinas economy

What does Argentina's economy based on?

Cattle and Sheep (traditionally)

What type of animal does Argentina have?

What animals do Argentina have

What type of government does Argentina have?

Argentina has a Republic government.

What type of regime does Argentina have?

Argentina has a democratic regime.

What is Argentina's ecomony?

there economy is made with mestizos and Roman Catholics

The agricultural region Argentina's economy depends on?

The economy of Argentina's agricultural region depends on the expansion of the national market. Greater diversification of farm output and he expansion of social overhead capitol have an effect on the agricultural economy as well.

What type of economy does Saudi Arabia have?

The type of economy Saudi Arabia has is a command economy.

Which type economy does the US have?

The US has an open economy. This type of economy has a capitalist nature.

What is a type of music in Argentina?

Argentina is best known for the tango.

What type of weather does Argentina has?

weather in Argentina is as diverse as terrain

What type of costumes do they were in Argentina?

they dont have a national costume in argentina

Does Argentina have a capitalist economy?

Yes they do, they started being capitolists in 1989

Why is Argentina important?

It is important because of the economy and stuff. OH YEAH!

What type of dance music was invented in Argentina?

Argentina invented the tango.

What type of economy does Turkey have?

It has a market economy. BUT IT WAS a command economy

What type of economy is command economy?

Opposite of Market Economy