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its kinetic energy ;)

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Q: What type of energy is being released when a radio is playing?
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Why was the radio named as such?

The "radio" is named as such to reflect the type of energy used to cause the radio instrument to operate. That being "Radiant Energy."

What types of energy are being released from the globe?

Several types of electromagnetic radiation from below the AM radio band up through the visible,

Can heat energy released by an animal can power a radio?


Heat energy released by an animal can power a radio.?


A radio is a design to turn sound energy into electrical energy what is another energy you released?


What is sound energy used for?

well it can be used for... ultra sound scans, listening to the radio, or playing an instrument!!

Is a radio a sound energy?

A radio produces sound, and therefore sound energy. The radio waves, however, are electromagnetic energy, not sound. The function of a radio is to convert that electromagnetic energy into sound energy.

What energy conversions occur in a radio?

In a radio you have the conversion of radio wave energy to sound wave energy.

Which situation poses a greater hazard when radio frequency energy is being emitted from a nearby antenna?

unshielded EED's being assembled or disassembled

Where do you listen to radio?

in a car or radio or radio playing device :)

What is the energy transfer diagram for a radio?

i think its: thermal energy (from source of biomass being heated) ---> kinetic energy (from steam turning the turbine) ---> electrical energy (generator)

Does a radio use sound energy?

yes,because radio is an example of sound energy...