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At one time it was nitroglycerin- now it is probably ammonium nitrate, but RDX, HMX and TNT are also widely used.

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Q: What type of explosive agent is the most important raw material in the manufacturing of industrial explosives?
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How is sodium hydroxide manufactured?

Sea water is a free and rich source of sodium chloride. Electrolyzing a sodium chloride solution is a popular method of manufacturing sodium hydroxide. The same method is used in industrial method, and another advantage is that the manufacturing of two other important substances, namely hydrogen and chlorine gases.

Why is copper sulphate important?

mainly used in industrial chemicals

What elements were in the atomic bomb in world war 2?

As the physics of nuclear explosives has not changed, pretty much the same elements as are used now. The main changes are not the elements, but the compounds that contain them (e.g. the chemical explosives have been replaced with safer ones, but both the old and new chemical explosives contain the same elements just in different arrangements. Polonium is an element used in the neutron sources of all 4 atomic bombs built during world war 2 (Gadget, Little Boy, Fat Man, and an unnamed bomb that was never used) that is no longer used in modern nuclear explosives. Polonium based neutron sources have a shelf life of roughly 180 days due to radioactive decay. These were replaced by electrically activated tritium fusion based neutron sources sometime in the middle 1950s which have a shelf life of roughly 12 years due to radioactive decay. Lithium is an element used in some modern nuclear explosives that was not used in world war 2, it is converted to tritium in those bombs for use as fusion fuel. The first use of lithium in a nuclear explosive was in 1953 by the USSR. It is important to realize that many many elements other than the nuclear fuels must be used in a nuclear explosive to make it work.

Why is dynamite important in history?

Dynamite is important because it was the first "safer" explosive. Dynamite is nitroglycerin that's been mixed with an absorbent like sawdust or cat litter then packed in tubes. Nitroglycerin is very shock sensitive--if you bump it hard enough, which isn't very hard, it will explode. A lot of people died transporting nitroglycerin. Dynamite, because it's relatively insensitive to shock, can be safely moved from the manufacturing plant to the jobsite.

Why is the manufacture of ammonia so important?

It is the main ingredient of synthetic plant fertilisers and a main feedstock chemical to many industrial processes.

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Dogs can be trained to scent a wide variety of evaporates from explosives and have a very important role in explosive detection.

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What are the three categories of explosives?

Primary and secondary explosives. The definitions of these are rather loose, however typically primary explosives will detonate when ignited (example: mercury fulkminate), and secondary explosives require a shockewave to detonate (example: TNT). The most accurate definition is when used in the context of an "explosive train" whereby a fuse ignites the primary high explosive which undergoes deflagration to detonation transition, this detonation produces a shockwave which is used to initiate a secondary high explosive. So explosive compounds are classified into primary or secondary based there primary use.

Why is nitrogen important for life on earth and what important role does it play?

nitrogen is useful in manufacturing many products like ammonia,explosives etc. it is used by plants from the soil for their varous processes

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