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Q: What type of family consists of two people who do not have children?
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Type of family in the Philippines?

This type of family is what people refer to as the normal type of family. It includes a mother and a father living together with their child or children. The child or children can be born to the couple or adopted. This family type includes several generations; grandparents, parents, along with aunts and/or uncles, siblings and other relatives. They share accommodation, chores, meals and finances

Types of filipino family?

Nuclear Family - consists of oly father, mother, child/children living in one roof.Extended Family - a family that includes in one household near relatives in addition to a nuclear family (like grandparents)Compound Type- two Single Parent type of families together. There goes what we call step-father/mother and step-sisters/brothers.Single Parent - this is self-explanatory

What is a no children family?

Is a type of family that consist only with a wife and a husband with no kids.

What is the type of a family made up of a mother father and children?

a family of 3triotrio of love

What type of family is a mother and father and two children?

A traditional, nuclear, or immediate family.

What type of family Includes a mixture of parents and children unrelated by blood?

blended family .

What type of family are the Gosselins?

The Gosselins are a nuclear family, parents and children living together.

What type of family does CEO John Allison have?

Family: Married Elizabeth McDonald; children: three.

What is The most common type of family for children in the US?

positive O

What type of home does the family appear to live?

A family home should be serene for the proper development of the children.

What type of family is one including more than two generations of parents and their children?

extended family

Which type of family is an adult or a couple who cares for children when the biological parents are unable to care for them?

Foster Family