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There are all different types of fish... * cod * haddock * samon * gold fish there are so many some we can eat and some we cant, some that are extinct.

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What type a fish is a Orange fish with black spots what type fish is it?

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What type of fish are whales and sharks?

there not at TYPE of fish they are a GROUP of fish called MAMALS

What type of fish did Jesus and the Apostles eat?

The type of fish is not mentioned in the bible. But it was river fish caught in the river Galilee.

What type of fish is Oscar from shark tales?

Oscar is a type of fish so he is a Oscar fish

What is lion-fish?

it is a type of fish which is poisonuos

What type of animals are fish?

fish is a type of animal. Same with birds.

Are dolphins a type of fish or are they a mammal only?

dolphins are a type of fish

Is a stckle back a type of fish or anphibian?

It's a type of fish.

Is every fish a cod fish?

No, it is not, a cod fish is a type of fish.

What is cod fish?

A type of fish

What type of animal is the fish?

a fish

Is a dolphin fish a dolphin?

No, dolphin fish is a type of fish

Are prawns a type of fish?

They're a type of crustacean. Copepod (maybe?) but not fish.

How does salt fish look?

Salt fish, or salted fish, is not a type of fish. It is actually a type of food preservation technique. It involves storing the fish in large quantities of salt. So what the salt fish looks like depends on what type of fish it was to start with. It could be any sort of fish.

What is a type of boneless fish?

there is no boneless fish

When does a fish have babies?

Depends on the type of fish

What type of fish is shrimp?

Shell Fish

Are guppies baby fish?

No, they are a type of fish.

What type of animal is a salmon fish?

A fish

What type are parrot fish?

They are teleost fish.

Is barracuda a fish or bear?

It is a type of fish.

Are porcupine fish a type of fish?

yes they are.

What type of skin does a fish have?

A fish has scales

Is the whale an animal?

yes its a type of fish but bigger than an ordanary fish! orso an octopus is a false type of fish!!

What type of fish do seagulls eat?

They eat sea fish and fish.