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What type of fish eats mosquito larva?


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sarah fish

hehe lol

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The Type of Fish that eats plankton is Herring. Herring are small fish and are eaten by Salmon, Seals, Humans and Harbour Porpoises

A fish eats meat or plants, or both, depending on which type of fish it is. If a human eats a fish, it is not a vegetarian diet food.

Most likely a chicken or some other type of bird

usually large oddball fish

All ducks will eat fish.

haha any type of bigger fish

Bear eat the fish known as trout.

If, when other fish are in the same environment as piranhas, the other fish are eaten, then piranhas are a type of fish that eats other fish. your welcome

Larva simply means the younger form of a certain type of insect or bug. Depending on what type of larva it is, the larva will likely have a different type of diet.

A turtle is not a fish, it is a reptile. Why Would you think that??????

A shark is a fish, but the shark eats a certain type of fish!!

it depends what type of larva it is

Type your answer here... a whale. some fish also eat other fish.

a fish that has a mouth that looks like a parrot beak

A bear is one kind of animal that eats fish

cats and foxes and things of that type

A mosquito is a type of fly.

This depends on what type you are talking about, the Atlantic guitar fish eats a variety of small fish

Using mosquito repellent lotion or citronella oil ( a type of grass oil)cover the body by wearing clothesmosquito net, coils, anti mosquitocidal spray , some frequency of sound , light traps, malathion , biological control ( Bti , mosquito fish , killy fish)

A Leapord Seal eats penguins, squid, crustations, and other fish

If the mosquito is female, then it drinks blood. That's only to give energy to the developing eggs inside it. But if the mosquito is male, then it eats fruit. The male ones are the gigantic mosquitoes that look like there going to kill you.

A lcthyosaurus is a water dinosaur that eats fish.

Pescatarian is the name for a vegetarian that eats fish.

When a fish dies other fish eat it because it might be hungry or it depends on what kind of fish you have that will eat the dead me when I have a dead fish my Osacar fish eats the fish because it a type of fish that eats other fishes.hope it helps. Bye

Mosquito fish are a type of 'live bearer' related to guppies; thus the easiet way to breed them is to simply put a male and a female (or even better a male and several females) in an aquarium, and wait for babies.

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