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Q: What type of fish that is found on Florida's aquaculture license plate?
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What is the name of Floridas tectonic plate?

The North American Plate.

Where can one find a license plate number?

License plate numbers are found on license plates. License plates are commonly found on the front and back fenders of a car. They can be found on the trunk of certain car models as well.

What state's license plate was found in the Tiger shark that was caught in the movie Jaws?

Louisiana, the license plate number was "007-981."

Where is the fuse for the license plate light on a 2001 Toyota Camry?

The 2001 Toyota Camry license plate light fuse can be found in the fuse box. The license plate fuse will be labeled as the tail light fuse.

Who invented the license plate?

Who invented the license plate?


form_title= License Plate Search form_header= Find the license plate you are looking for. What state are you searching for?*= _ What is the license plate number?*= _ Is this for a non-commercial vehicle?*= () Yes () No

What do you need in order to get a license plate sticker?

a license plate

Chevy Tahoe's license plate bulb?

A Chevy Tahoe's license plate bulb can be used to light up the license plate. In the dark the license's plate will still be visible.

Where can you look up a license plate?

you can look a license plate in any office that were do you get your license card/you can get your license plate in your trainer teacher that checked you to drive...

What are the symbols or letters often found on German license plate cars?

The letter 'D'.

Do you have to have a front license plate?

In Virginia you do have a front license plate, but in Florida they do not.

What is the governors license plate number?

the governors license plate is 0001000

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