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The Airbus A320 uses Jet A / Jet A-1 type fuel

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Q: What type of fuel is used in a AIRBUS A320?
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What is the plastic type on an Airbus A320?

There are many types of plastic used in the A320.

Airbus 320 use what type of fuel?

The Airbus A320 uses Jet A / Jet A-1 type fuel

What kind of fuel is used in Airbus 320?

An Airbus A320 uses jet fuel--if you land at a civilian airport you are going to get either Jet A or Jet A-1.

What type of plane is used in the Knowing crash?

After watching it, it seems to be a Airbus A319 or A320. The nose and cockpit windows match that of a A319 and A320. The winglets are only seen in the A310 and A320 series.

What type of aircraft is used in indigo airlines?

indigo airlines uses only airbus a320 .

What fuel type is used on the Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 uses Jet A / Jet A-1 type fuel

What is the cost of a used 1999 airbus a320?

Between 35 and 40 million

What fuel is used in A320?

A320 avearge fuel consumption is 2400 kg per hour

How many tires used in Airbus A320?

The Airbus A320 has a total of 6 tyres - 4 for the main undercarriage landing gear (consisting of two 2 wheel bogies) and 2 for the nose landing gear.

What type of fuel is used in an Airbus a380-800?

Jetfuel Jet-A

Did Ansett fly 737's or A320's from SYD to ADL?

Until July, 1996 only Boeing 737-300s were used on the Sydney-Adelaide route. After this month and until the airline's collapde one Boeing 737-300 and one Airbus A320 were used on the route. During the brief time of Ansett Mark II one Airbus A320 was used on the daily Sydney-Adeliade flight.

What is the fuel name used in airbus a380?

The Airbus A380 uses Jet A / Jet A-1 fuel