Langston Hughes

What type of genre did Langston Hughes write?


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novels, short stories, and poems

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Langston hughes poems were jazz

Langston Hughes came from an area of the country where Blues music was popular. He is known to incorporate this type of music into his poems.

represented all the African and their music and type of speech

coli-flower cheese was the type of genre of music that Purcell composed coral

fiction but i wish it was real...

He is famous because he was the best poem writer. He contributed in writing about black people and recognizing their music and type of speech.

it means that he is a very fat person and no one really cares about poetry so im done now.

i think it is mainly adventure stories

He writes Action,Suspense,Horor novels

just go online and type in a dream deferred by Langston Hughes and it will show up. just so you know, its not a long poem. it ends with him saying " or does it explode?"

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Fantasty, Realistic Fiction, Fables, Fairytales, and Picture Books

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Realistic Fiction, Biographies, Picture books, and Nonfiction that's all i know

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