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Q: What type of government did Venice originally have during the renaissance?
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Why do you think places like Venice and Barcelona became important trade centers?

ANSWER Venice grew thanks: 1 - Its unique geographical location, which put it away from attempts to seize and/or siege it from the land side and made it extremely hard, if not impossible its investment by an enemy coming from the sea. 2 - Its fleet, which not only granted its defence and dominated the whole Adriatic Sea but also established a thriving stream of trades and a chain of settlements and naval strongholds all over The Central and Eastern Mediterranean and a chain of settlement. 3 - The monopoly in the trade of vital goods such as, for instance, the salt and the spices the Republic of Venice was able to impose to all the States and City-states gravitating towards the Adriatic Sea. 4 - Its oligarchic, but well balanced government, which prevent the Republic of Venice from any attempt of establishing a Lordship and its policy which was aimed to defend only its possession and commerciale routes, abstaining from territorial gaines dictated by the wish to dominate and conquest, as the other states of that time were accustomed to do.

The situation of the government during Jose Rizal's time?

The situation of the government during Jose Rizal's time?

How did corruption in the federal government during Grant's administration help cause the end of reconstruction?

The federal government controlled the Confederate states during Reconstruction.

How were new ideas that emerged during the Renaissance different from traditional European thought?

They emphasized individual achievement instead of group achievement.

Why did the southerners belief in states right hamper the confederate government during the war?

how did the southerners belief in states rights hamper the confederate government during the war