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Kenya's constitution states that Kenya is sovereign republic. At independence the government was modeled around the U.S Presidency and British Legislature but later, other amendments were introduced to the structure and nature of the government.

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Q: What type of government does Kenya have?
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What type of government did Kenya have?

The type of government Kenya has is republic.

What type of government does the country of Kenya have?

the type of government that Kenya has is the republic

What is the type of government in kenya?


What is the government type of Kenya?


What form of government does Kenya Africa have?

Kenya has a Republic government

What does republic mean 4 Kenya which is the government?

this is is a tough question but the answer is that republic is a type of government i which people give themselves power.

What is the type of art in Kenya?

What is the type of art Kenya people do?

What is the type of currency in Kenya?

Kenya Shillings (KSH)

Can the people in Kenya choose who will lead their government?

do people in kenya get to choose there goverments

What type of rhinoceros live in Kenya?

The black rhinoceros is the only type of rhino to live in Kenya.

Are most farms in Kenya owned by farmers and not the government?


What form of government does Kenya have?


What is the form of Government in Kenya?


Do people in kenya have a say against the government?

They do have a say against the government

How many branches of government does Kenya have?


Which form of government exist in Kenya'?


What form of government exist in Kenya?


What voting rights do citizens have in Kenya?

Kenyans are allowed to vote in a free election held by the government. Elections are held in Kenya for citizens to have a say in the government.

What type of voting system does Kenya use?

Kenya uses an Electoral System

What is the system of government used in Kenya?

It has a Republic government (A government where people elect representatives to vote on legislation), but I'm not sure what type of Republic it is (there are two types of republic, parliamentary and presidential democracy.) *If anybody knows what type of republic it is please improve the answer. Hope it helps! :)

What type of trees are found in Kenya?

Acaia Trees are the main type of tree found in Kenya.... these trees are what giraffes thrive on

How did Kenya become a country?

Kenya became a country on December 12, 1963 when it declared independence from the United Kingdom. At that time, the Kenya African National Union formed a government which would become the government of the new country.

What type of ecosystem does Kenya have?


Which form of government exists in Kenya?

Sovereign Republic.................

How is the government in Kenya run?

Good Very Good