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Q: What type of government in the Philippines during the Japanese Period?
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What type of government in the Philippines during Japanese occupation?

During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines (1942-1945), the Japanese established a military government known as the Japanese-sponsored Second Philippine Republic. This government was led by President Jose P. Laurel under the control and authority of the Japanese military administration.

The Philippines educational system under the Japanese period?

During the Japanese occupation in the Philippines (1942-1945), the educational system was heavily influenced and controlled by the Japanese military government. They tried to instill Japanese culture, language, and values into the curriculum. Schools were used as a tool for propaganda and to promote loyalty to the Japanese Empire. Many Filipino teachers and students faced hardships and restrictions during this period.

What emergency money was used during the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines?

Japanese yen

Commonwealth period in the Philippines-decade of unrest?

During the Commonwealth period, the Philippines were under the control of the United States as a commonwealth. It had a bicameral legislature, and Tagalog was adopted as the national language. Women were also awarded suffrage during the Commonwealth period. The government was exiled between 1942 and 1945 when the Philippines were under Japanese control during WWII. Once the war ended, the Philippines became their own republic, as outlined in the Philippine Constitution of 1935.

What are the art forms during the Japanese colonial period in the Philippines?

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How did the war affect the Commonwealth of the Philippines?

Since Japan occupied the Philippines during the war, the Commonwealth government became a government in exile until the Japanese were expelled.

What do you mean by filipinization policy?

it is the reconstruction of the government system of the Philippines during the American period.

Who was in power during the Spanish Period in the Philippines?

Philip II was in power during the Spanish Period in the Philippines. (that's why Philippines)

Who controlled the courts During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines?

The Japanese controlled virtually everything (including any courts) in the Philippines during their occupation of the territory.

What is the government structure of the Philippines during the Spanish Colonial Period?

The government was a monarchy, but it was ruled by the Governor General as an administrator in behalf of the King and Queen of Spain

When did Philippines have hyperinflation?

Because the Japanese-controlled government, during the WWII occupation, issued fiat currencies, while at the same time outlawing possession of other currencies, in an attempt to curtail any possible resistance.

What are the music during the American and Japanese period?

There has not been an American and Japanese period.