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Q: What type of hair is MOST difficult to press?
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In poptropica how do you turn on the bad machine?

The computer will want you to type in 3 passcodes. Type laser and press enter. Type hair and press enter. Type removal and press enter.

What type of scale pattern is found in dog hair?

Mosaic, the same as a cat hair. Cat and dog hairs are difficult to distinguish between.

What is the most efficient hair replacement system?

The most efficient type of hair replacement system would be hair transplant surgery. However, most people do not choose this type of system. Many go with laser hair therapy instead.

What type of protein do you need for your hair?

The protein that is most abundant in hair is keratin.

Does black hair dye have the most reactions?

maybe depending on what type of hair you have

What type of hair colored people tend to dye their hair the most?

blond or black

What type of meningitis is the most difficult to treat?

The most serious and difficult-to-treat types of meningitis tend to be those caused by bacteria.

What type of tobacco is the most difficult to stop?

Nicotine of course.

What type of volcano is most difficult to identify?

they are called folids.

What is the most pain free type of hair removal?

The most pain free type of hair removal is shave. It is not good to use chemicals to get rid of hair. Most hair removal chemicals dissolves the fatty layer in the skin which make the skin more susceptible to skin cancers.

What hair type is the most common?

Probably brown or brunette

How do you get a sticker off a shirt?

Most adhesive-backed stickers use a thermoset-type glue which can be simply warmed with a hair dryer for easier removal. (DON'T press it with an iron! This can make it more permenent!) Good luck!