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If you have a larger head you should wear longer hairstyles and flowing hairstyles.

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Q: What type of hairstyles should I wear if I have a big head?
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What kind of hairstyles can you wear in the pool?

Personally, I shave my head, but I am certain any hairstyle can be worn in the pool. I have never seen a rule restricting any hairstyle.

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Did people in Greek wear head wraps?

no they wore their hair up cos in school I'm learning about ancient Greeks and their clothes. their wore fancy hairstyles or if they were poor they would wear hair down or pony tail NO.

Where did the roman women wear their hairstyles to?

Rich Roman women wore their hairstyles when they wanted to. Poor Roman women could not afford a hairdo.

When did roman women wear there hairstyles?

Rich Roman women wore their hairstyles when they wanted to. Poor Roman women could not afford a hairdo.

What types of hairstyles did the eastern woodlands tribes wear?


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