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Leather handbags are considered to be the most durable.

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Q: What type of handbag is the most durable?
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What material is most durable for a handbag?

Leather is regarded as the most durable traditional material for a handbag.

How durable is a leather handbag?

Of all the various types of handbags available, the leather handbag is usually the most durable and consequently the most expensive type of handbag. On the plus side of the higher initial expense is the fact that a leather handbag will last for many years if cared for properly. Designer leather handbags are especially popular.

What is the best kind of material for a handbag or tote to be made of?

leather is the most durable material for a handbag.

What type of major tissue is the most durable tissue type?

The most durable tissue type is connective tissue.

How durable is a straw handbag?

A straw handbag can be very durable depending on the quality of it from the beginning. When choosing a handbag you should chose one that has the straw constructed to help maintain the shape of the bag. If it has handle then they should be fastened to the bag well.

What is the cheapest and most durable type of plastic?

The most used and cheaper is polyethylene; it is sufficienttly durable (but other polymers are more durable but also more expensive).

What kind of signs are the most durable?

In order to make a durable sign, a durable type of plastic must be found. Polycarbonate, or lexan, is a very durable type of plastic that will be able to withstand hurricanes if you choose that option.

What type of material is most durable for outdoor furniture?

The most durable type of furniture for outdoor purposes is treated wood. This can last for many years and is very affordable.

Which brands of outdoor lights are the most durable?

That might depend on the type of outdoor lights. The solar kind are not as durable as bettery and the wired are the most durrable.

What type of material is the most durable for men's hats?

Beaver hide is the most durable material for men's hats. It's both water resistant and wear proof.

What type of handbag is best for carrying a laptop?

I really like the DaKine Women's Lucene Laptop Handbag.

What is the best most elastic UV resistant most durable type of tubing to use for a slingshot?


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