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What type of information should be specific in the block comment at the very beginning of a program? Provide a list of information.

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Q: What type of information should be specified in the block comment at the very beginning of the program?
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A new programmer whom you are training is writing a C program and wants to place comment lines in the program what characters should be used at the beginning and end of the comments?

if single line comment just place // before for single line comment else if multiple line denote as like this /*............................. ..............................*/ Strictly speaking, // is non.standard in C only in C++

Which is a feature of a search engin?

1. A software program that searches a database and gathers and reports information that contains or is related to specified terms.

11 What is a comment line How is a comment line noted within a file?

A comment line is a line or part of a line in a program that is intended as a remark or comment and is ignored when the program runs. It is noted within the file by using a semi-colon or an REM to mark a line as a comment.

Why you use a comment in programming?

comments are used in programs to make the program more user friendly. The comment lines will not effect the execution speed of the program.

When coordinates going into a program are specified relative to the program zero point it is called?


What is single line comment?

single line comment are comment written in single c there are two types of comment single line and multiple line.single line comment is written using // and multiple line comment is written between /*comment*/.compiler does not compile is used for better understanding of program.

What is the first line of every FORTRAN program and what does it tell the compiler?

The name of the program. For example: program sum ! This is a comment. Your program's code goes here... end program sum

What do not contain any program logic and are ignored by the language processor?


Do not contain any program logic and are ignored by the language Processor?


What is the main purpose of using comments in c plus plus?

The main advantage of the newer C++ comment syntax is that you only need to start the comment, and you can expect that it will last only until the end-of-line. With the older syntax, you needed to also stop the comment. any statement; /* old comment syntax */ any statement; // new comment syntax

Write an applet program to insert a text at a specified position?


Define program relocation?

program relocation is the process which modifies the object program so that it can be loaded at an address different from the location originally specified.