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Actually, hitting a deer is generally covered by your comprehensive coverage, not collision. Comprehensive covers "acts of God," which include hitting animals because it was an act of God that the animal was there at that time. Reading your insurance policy will clarify exactly which kinds of claims are covered by which types of insurance. There are 3 catagories for car insurance: 1. Liability (covers you if you hit someone else) 2. Comprehensive (covers you if an uninsured driver hits you), and 3. Collision (covers you if you hit something -for instance, a deer-)

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Q: What type of insurance will cover damages to your car if you hit a deer while driving through a parking lot?
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If your tree damages the neighbors house whose insurance covers it yours or theirs?

You should run the claim through your insurance first. The neighbor or their insurance company can come after you for damages.

When driving in a parking lot you should avoid which of the following?

Cutting across empty parking rows or diagonally through lots

What is the payment of damages by the insurance company directly to the insured?

Payment of damages by the insurance company against your Householders' policy is paid directly to your account through NEFT,instead of cheque as was customary earlier.

What if you do not have car insurance and somebody hits you from the side when he drove out of a parking lot?

You go through the at fault driver's insurance carrier.

Who is at fault if the person is backing into a parking spot and another person drives through and gets hit in the mid section?

In most situations, it would be the car who was driving through. However, the insinuation here is that you are in a parking lot on private proprety, in which case in most states it would be a no-fault accident, in which case both drivers would be responsible for their own damages.

Who has the right of way in a parking lot - person backing out of a spot or someone driving through?

The person driving through. If you're backing out then you do not have the right of way.

How much for truck insurance?

It depends on your driving record, type of truck and what insurance company you go through.

What does auto collision insurance mean?

Auto insurance consists of both liability insurance and physical damage coverage. Collision coverage is part of the physical damage section of an insurance policy and is designed to either repair or replace your vehicle if you are involved in an accident up to the fair market value of the vehicle. Collision will pay for both damages caused in an at-fault accident and damages caused in a not at-fault accident if the other party did not have insurance. If the other party did have insurance and they were responsible for the damages, the other party's liability insurance would pay for your vehicle damages through Property Damage coverage. You are responsible to pay for your collision deductible for at-fault accidents before a claims payout will be made.

How much does it cost to get car insurance for a student driver?

From right-of-way rules to traffic signs, parallel parking, driving at night, the student is safely guided through everything they must know using state-of-the art online learning technology.

Can you get a life insurance quote offline?

You can, in fact, get a life insurance quote offline. To get a life insurance quote offline, you must contact an insurance company; either through phone, or just driving there.

Does a woman have to get her husband on her car insurance if they are separated and going through a divorce?

No, if he's not driving her car.

Do you have to go through your insurance co if you hit a car when the victim wants me to even though you are willing to pay for damages?

== == == == == == == == == == == == if one party wants to go though it using insurance then yes you have to as well.

Is there any type of insurance I can buy to protect me if my wedding planner doesn't follow through with her promises to me?

At the time there is no wedding planner insurance coverage. You should have a contract taht allows for a refund and damages.

Does freeway insurance have good rates?

Freeway Insurance, like most insurance companies, base their rates upon information about you. Depending on your history through driving and accidents, they adjust their rates.

Who is at fault if a car is backing out of a parking space and a car cutting through the parking lot to avoid traffic gets hit?

The driver backing up. Unless you can prove the other car was driving unsafly.

I live in California i was driving through my apartment complex when i was hit in the front driver side corner by a person backing out of a parking spot. Am i at fault?

The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

What is tort liability?

A type of insurance coverage that provides remedies for persons sued for damages when they injure or kill someone else through their own negligence.

How can one obtain Bobtail insurance?

Bobtail insurance is insurance one would need when driving with just the cab of a semi truck without the trailer. One can obtain Bobtail insurance through Reliance Partners, Progressive, and Wolpert.

Who at fault if A and B were right next to each other going straight in a parking lot and B brakes it and turns almost complety around and hits A in the driversid door And what if he has no insurance?

The way you are describing it B is at fault. If B is at fault and has no insurance, A's uninsured motorist coverage will take over as if the person had coverage. Any amount paid out will be retrievable by the insurance company through suit or other means. You subrogate your loss to your insurance company so that they can go after the other party for damages paid.

What if you have no insurance on your car that was a hit and run?

Unless the person that hit you is found, you are responsible for the damages (just like if someone threw a brick through the window of your house). Always insure your car. If you are not going to drive it, buy garage insurance

How can an insurance company know if you have had an accident in the past?

They look at your driving record, which is available through law enforcement channels. And Insurance companies actually share with each other as well.

Can the insurance company take without notice 1000 from your bank account for clutch braking down through what they claim bad driving?

That depends on the terms of your insurance. But as a rule the answer would be No.

Will you insurance premium go up if you claim a parking lot hit and run accident and pay 500 deductible and insurance covers 1000?

Yes, most likely, your premium will raise to some degree. If you don't claim it through insurance, there would be no premium hike. Parking lot incidents are almost ALWAYS considered 50/50 fault, sad to say, unless you can PROVE otherwise!

Where can you find insurance information for the Aston Martin car?

Insurance information for an Aston Martin can be obtained through one's insurance company. Information and rates may vary based on an individual's driving record and place of residence.

Car Insurance: How to Get The Best Rate?

The best way to make sure your car insurance is cheap is not to shop between companies (though that helps) but to make sure that any company insuring you will not have to pay out. To start, avoid getting tickets, even those for speeding and parking, as they drive up your insurance rate. Second, get a sensible, used car, which will be cheaper to own, operate and repair. Third, practice safe driving habits, and enroll in any courses your company offers. Many companies offer significant savings to drivers just for going through a few courses on safe driving or for demonstrating safe driving tendencies.