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girbaud jeans ha!


i love route66 jeans and lee jeans

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Punk rock's type of jeans?

skinny jeans

What type of jeans does Rihanna wear?

Robin jeans

What type of jeans does Selena Gomez wear?

southpole jeans

What temperature should water be when washing jeans?

it depends on the type of jeans and also the colour of the jeans.

What type of jeans does Jimmy neutron wear?

He wears dark blue levies and the jeans type is 514

What are the best jeans to buy?

It is best to buy FashionTIY jeans.

What are the skinniest type of jeans called?

super-skiny jeans i think

What type of jeans should you wear with Nike Dunk Highs?

skinny jeans

What type of jeans do country women wear?

they wear western jeans with chaps on them

What color are the jeans you are wearing?

Type your answer here... you are wearing jean typed skinny jeans

What type of fabric is jeans?

vey jeanie and... i dont now im not a jeans expert

Can you buy bullhead jeans at Walmart?

Bullhead jeans cannot be purchased at Walmart. They are a type of skinny jeans that can be purchased from Pac Sun.

Jeans with v on back pocket?

The V on the back pockets of jeans mean usually that Levi Strauss made them or they are his type of jeans

What type of clothing is informal?

jeans and t shirts, jeans paint and kurta, and many other this type of clothing called informal clothes

What type of underwear can a boy wear with skinny jeans-?

A tight cotton underwear is the type of under wear that a boy can wear with a skinny jeans.

Too tight jeans?

This means that the jeans are extremely tight against the legs. Jeans that are a larger size would be ideal for this type of situation.

What type of red jeans does Lil Wayne wear?

Levis 511 Red skinny jeans

What type of material are jeans made of?


What is a type of clothing that starts with a?

applebottom jeans

What is fruit type is a kiwifruit?

los jeans

Are denim and jean the same?

No. Denim is a type of fabric. Jeans are a type of clothing.

What type of jeans should someone with muscular legs wear?

There's no specific type, it's still about personal preference. Some prefer tight jeans but others prefer loose jeans. As long as you feel comfortable walking with them on.

What is the difference between jeans and denim?

Jeans are an item of clothing normally made from denim, which is a type of hardwearing fabric.

What type of car is a blue jeans?

mustang mustang

What type of material are jeans made out of?

Cotton and denim.