What type of landscaping is best for an Italianate home?

I am an interior designer, with a specialty in historically accurate architectural design. In my opinion, you can go two ways with this. The Victorians were masters at over-ornamentalization and at mixing various styles together. The other route is to choose an Italian Reniassance garden style based on those of Palladian homes of the 16th century. I favour the second. Here is what I would do. Take a look at the site I include and get a general concept of what makes an Reniassance Garden, then on your smaller scale, take the elements of that, and incorporate them into your home. Any Italianate style will work perfectly with your home--all greenery, no flowers, symmetrical plantings, perhaps a centered fountain or birdbath of proper scale; using the centre of your home as the split point and mirroring each side exactly the same, terraces, and matching junipers, large lawns and hedges should give you a good Italianate style that is easy to maintain. Take a look at this site and it should give you the elements of Italianate landscaping. Do it on a small, economical and practical scale-it doesnt need to be overdone to accomplish what you want, and should be in proportion to your home size and lot size. Stay within the sandstone colour scheme for terraces, or gravelled areas. Hope it helps.