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What type of language is French?

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French is one of the Romance Languages. That means it is derived primarily from Latin.

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What type of language are the french and Italian?

French and Italian are both Romance languages. (Not 'romantic' languages!)

Where can you find an English to french online translator?

go in to google then write google translet then type in dectec language then type in the language you are writing === ===

What does the word anorak mean in French language?

Anorak (a type of warm jacket) is spelled the same in French.

French not the official language of French Polynesia?

The French language is the official language in French Polynesia.

The French language grow out of which ancient language?

The French language developed from the Latin language.

How do you pronounce the french word timide?

Follow the link and you will have a program that can say aloud what you type, just choose the French language.

How do you write book in french?

GO onto google translate and type the story in English. Then hit French for the other language, and copy down what it is in French.

How many different types of the french language are there?

The term "type" is not a clinical linguistic term, so it is unclear what is being asked about. If "type" means "dialect", then there are 18 or so major dialects of the French language and numerous more regional subvariants.

What is a fact about the French language?

French is a Romance language. The French language derived from Vulgar Latin. There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide. French has a great number of homophones. About 45% of modern English words are of French origin. Along with English, French remains an influential language in the diplomatic world.

Is the language German and french the same?

no french is a romance language and German is a germanic language.

Are there homophones in the French language?

Yes. There are homophones in the French language.

What is English in french language?

Anglais is English in the French language.

What is English language in French?

English language is " l'anglais " in French.

What language family does French belong to?

French is a Romance Language.

What is the French language?

French is a language. it is spoken in France, and in many former French colonies.

How did the French language come to French Polynesia?

French Polynesia is a French territory, so French is a required language taught

What has the author Liliane Lazar written?

Liliane Lazar has written: 'Living language French complete course' -- subject(s): French language, English, Dictionaries, Textbooks for foreign speakers, English language, French, Conversation and phrase books, Sound recordings for English speakers 'Living French, Revised (cd/book) (Living Language)' 'French dictionary' -- subject(s): French language, Dictionaries, English language, French, English 'Living language French dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, French language, English language, French, English 'Living French, Revised (cass/book): The Complete Living Language Course (Living Language)'

Is Dutch the official language in French Guiana?

No. French is the Official Language of French Guiana. However, Dutch is the official language of Guyana.

How many countries have french language?

53 nations and territories have French as an official language or French as a principal language in education or/and politics

French Spanish and Italian are what type of language?

They are all Romance languages, meaning they evolved from Latin.

What are some French speaking cities in Africa?

The answer is simple. Africa in general is almost has french as a second language. Just type the title of the city and see if they speak french.

What is the position of the french language in Vietnam?

What is the position of the french language in vietnam?

What is the language of instruction of France?

The language of instruction of France is French.

What is the language of the french people today?

French is the official language of France.

What the difference between creole and black?

Creole refers to a type of language that is a combination of a "parent" language (usually French or English) and another completely unrelated language (usually a minority language). Black is a color.