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Krakotoa lava was known to be made of dacite or rhyolite. This explains the magnitude of the eruption. I hope this helped. :)

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The Mt. Krakatoa has a basaltic magma

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It has pohoehoe It has pohoehoe

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Q: What type of lava is extruded from Krakatoa?
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Obsidian is a glassy form of?

Extruded lava.

Does Krakatoa make pillow lava?

No. Pillow lava is basaltic, low-viscosity lava. Krakatoa is a stratovolcano with a style of ereuption more characteristic of high-viscosity andesitic lava.

When does magma (molten rock) become lava?

When it is extruded onto the surface.

Is the lava of Krakatoa AAA or pahoehoe?

Neither. Krakatoa mostly produces ash and pumice rather than lava flows. Those lava flows that do occur are block lava flows, indicating material more viscous than a'a or pahoehoe.

What lava does Krakatoa hold inside?

at least 1,530 degrees

What is the meaning of extrusion?

the act or process of extruding also: a form or product produced by this processThrusting or forcing out. The volcano extruded lava. I extruded my dog from the house after it bit me.

Does Krakatoa produce lava or pyroclastic flow?

Yes, of course Krakatoa has a pyroclastic flow. Every volcano has an pyroclastic flow, which can travel up to at huge speeds. Krakatoa's pyroclastic flow raced an amazing 200 mph over 20 miles of open sea. Yes Krakatoa has pyroclastic flows but not all volcanoes produce pyroclastic flows, only Mt. St. Helens type volcanoes usually composed of andesite. Kilauea for example does not produce pyroclastic flows because it is composed of basalt, the lava flows out easily.

When Krakatoa erupts does ash or lava come out of it?

yes yes yes yes

Does a igneous rock forms from lava?

Yes, an igneous rock forms when lava is cooled. It is called an extrusive igneous rock (because lava is extruded onto the surface of the earth). A magma pool that did not erupt as lava can cool to become an intrusive rock.

Did Krakatoa's eruption have vents?

Yes. It probably did. Mostvolcanoes have vents. They let more lava escape.

How hot is Krakatoa's surface?

Much of Krakatoa's surface is the same temperature as any othe ground surface. During an eruption, the surface can be close to 2000 degrees where lava is present.

What is formed when molten material is extruded fairly evenly over a long period of time from many fissures?

Lava Plain