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usualy concave mirror.

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Q: What type of lens is used for the rear view mirror of car?
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How do images formed by a concave lens and convex mirror compare?

Both give diminished, virtual, erect image. Hence convex mirror is used as rear view glass in case of vehicles near by the drivers. Concave lens is used to correct short sightedness.

Which mirror is used in solar cooker Concave or convex mirror or concave lens or convex lens?

convex mirror is not used in solar cooker since it form image inside the polished surface

What does the light gathering ability of a telescope depend on?

A refracting telescope is a type of optical telescope. It was used in astronomical telescopes and spy glasses. Objective lens are used to produce the image.

Which lens or mirror is used by astrologer?

Many astrologers use an optical or a corrector lens.

What are two uses for a convex lens?

Concave lenses are used in glasses for people who are near-sighted. Convex lenses are used in glasses for people who are far-sighted.

What is the function of the convex lens of the eye?

Convex lens- converging lens: lens such that a beam of light passing through it is brought to a point or focus. This type of lens is often used for close examination of samll objects. Examples: manifying glass, small car mirror, 7-eleven mirror

What mirror is used for oil immersion?

100x lens is used with oil immersion

Which lens is the type of lens that is used in hand lens?

The type of lense is a convex lense

What are three things that have been used in a microscope?

Lens, light, mirror

What is a difference between concave mirror and concave lens?

A concave mirror is usually used to project something onto a screen. A concave lens is usually used to view an image through the naked eye.

What type of lens is used in an overhead?

Fresnel lens

Why the image formed in the mirror used in vehicles as rear view mirror is smaller in size than the object?

because the mirror used is concave mirror.