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Salicylic acid and coal tar lotion is generally used to treat scaly conditions of the scalp, including psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Moderate to severe conditions respond better to other medications that are prescribed for application on the affected areas. Salicylic acid helps in softening the scales which aids in their removal. Coal tar is the result of destructive distillation of bituminous coal. It is a black and viscous substance that has a characteristic odour. Some users may find this odour unpleasant, enough to stop using the lotion. In the form in which it is applied, coal tar is diluted in solvents. Before the advent of corticosteroids, tars were prized as valuable drugs. Coal tar helps in suppressing itching of the diseased skin. In nature, salicylic acid is found in willow bark. It has been in therapeutic use for over a hundred years. Salicylic acid has multiple properties that make it useful in skin therapy. It is a keratolytic, i.e. helps in peeling rough, calloused skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimbacterial actions; it also helps other substances penetrate the skin (eg. corticosteroids). posted by Kumar.

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Where can one purchase some salicylic acid for their acne?

You can purchase some salicylic acid for your acne online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Salicylic acid" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

Salicylic acid ointment what is it use for?

Salicylic acid cream is any type of cream or lotion that contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Salicylic acid is used for the treatment of skin conditions, most commonly acne, psoriasis, and warts. The percentage of salicylic acid found in the salicylic acid cream generally determines what the cream is used for. When applied to the skin, the salicylic acid will help to soften thickened skin and slough off dead skin cells; this will reveal new, fresher skin underneath and allow other medicines to better penetrate the skin. It also helps to prevent whiteheads and blackheads from forming. Salicylic acid cream is often used on the face as an acne treatment. It should be used regularly for it to work most effectively; the product will not work as well if it is simply applied to a blackhead or blemish after one already exists. The creams that contain salicylic acid tend to work best as a preventative measure for acne. Some people find they have a sensitivity to salicylic acid cream; in that case, an acne cream that contains benzoyl peroxide is another option. Both of these products are used regularly for the treatment of acne, and some people find that one will simply work better than the other.

What does a salicylic acid peel do?

A salicylic acid peel treats several skin-conditions. The following skin-conditions can benefit from a salicylic acid peel treatment; clogged pores, acne, blackheads and oily, congested skin. The treatment can be used for every skin-type, however best results have those who have an acne-prone skin.

What kind of acid in disprin?

well disprin is a type of aspirin and aspirin is mainly made up of salicylic acid which is derived from tree bark

What is the chemical formula for the reaction of salicylic acid and ethanol?

The product is called ethyl salicylate. It's a type of ester which is a compound formed when an alcohol (in this case ethanol) reacts with an acid (salicylic acid). Water is the by-product. Esters contain the R-COO-R' functional group.

How do you separate sand and salicylic acid?

Measure equal amounts sand and salicylic acid and mix thorougly. Place the mixture in a test tube or some type of glass container. add ethanol stir with a stirring rod. allow the sand to settle to the bottom of the container and then pour out the mixture over a filter into another glass container, and now the sand is separated from the salicylic acid.If you need the salicylic acid, just boil the leftover solution until all the ethanol boils out.

What kind of bond is phenol salicylate?

The type of bond that the compound phenol salicylate has is a covalent bond. It is created by heating phenol and salicylic acid together.

What type of chemical weathering forms from coal oil and gas burning?

Acid rain

What is the type of coal found in the greatest quantity?

Bituminous coal is the most common type of coal.

What is the cleanest type of coal?


What type of coal burns the most effeciently?

The type of coal that burns the most efficiently is anthracite coal.

What is the hardest and oldest type of coal?

Anthracite is the hardest type of coal.

What type of coal is used in trains?

What type of coal do they use in trains?

What type of coal has undergone the greatest change?

Anthracite coal has been through low-grade metamorphism to become the highest grade of coal. This type of coal has the highest carbon count and the fewest impurities of any other type of coal.

What type of fuel is coal?

Coal is a fossil fuel.

What type of coal do they use in trains?

Steam coal.

What type of rain is harmful to living and nonliving things?

Acid rain. Which can be produced either by industrial pollution (mostly sulfuric acid from coal burning), internal combustion engine pollution (mostly nitric acid), or large scale volcanic eruptions (mostly sulfuric acid).

Who sells bichloracetic acid wart remover?

Acetic acid type solutions are no longer used for wart removal. Being liquid, they were found to be difficult to keep from contacting surrounding healthy tissue, which then was also destroyed along with the wart. Modern products use salicylic acid in adhesive patches that can be trimmed to the size of the wart without affecting other tissue.

What is tyne coal?

Tyne coal isn't a type of coal. Tyne Coal is a company that mines coal off the cost of Tyne.

What type of coal has the most stored energy?

Coal that has become diamond.

What type of rock is coal?

Coal is a type of organic sedimentary rock formed from dead plants.

What type of resource is coal?

Coal is a nonrenewable resource!natural

What rock type is coal?

Coal is classed as a sedimentary rock.

What type of coal has the highest BTU value?

Anthracite coal

What type of mixture is lotion?

Lotion is a homogeneous mixture. This is because all the separate parts cannot be seen or pulled out of the mixture.