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The most durable tissue type is connective tissue.

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What is the most durable tissue type?

The Answer:Striated tissues are the most strong and durable tissues in body. These tissues include the muscle fibers.On The Lighter Side:"Charmin!" (Just kidding! That is the correct answer above!)

What type of handbag is the most durable?

Leather handbags are considered to be the most durable.

What type of tissue is the major function of the cells of this tissue type is to shorten?

the answer is the muscle tissue ! i got the same packet haha

What is the cheapest and most durable type of plastic?

The most used and cheaper is polyethylene; it is sufficienttly durable (but other polymers are more durable but also more expensive).

Most widely distributed tissue type in the body?

The most widely distributed tissue type in the body is known as the connective tissue.

What kind of signs are the most durable?

In order to make a durable sign, a durable type of plastic must be found. Polycarbonate, or lexan, is a very durable type of plastic that will be able to withstand hurricanes if you choose that option.

What type of material is most durable for outdoor furniture?

The most durable type of furniture for outdoor purposes is treated wood. This can last for many years and is very affordable.

Which brands of outdoor lights are the most durable?

That might depend on the type of outdoor lights. The solar kind are not as durable as bettery and the wired are the most durrable.

What is a major type of connective tissue?


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