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Steam is a gas.

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Does it matter what cleaner you use with steam cleaner rentals?

It does not matter which type of cleaner you use with the machine as long as it is intended for that type of machine. Be sure that the cleaner states that it is for use with a steam cleaner.

What type of energy is in a steam turbine?

Steam turbines convert steam, no matter how the steam is produced, into rotational energy. This can be connected to a generator to produce electricity for instance.

What type of change is water evaporates into steam?

This is a change in the state of matter.

Is steam a matter?

Yes, true steam (you cannot see it) is matter in the gas form.

Steam state of matter?

Steam is a vapor. That means it is in the gaseous state.

Is steam a type of heat wave a type?

No, steam is water as a gas.

Is a steam a liquid?

No, actually steam is a form of gas. It's all about matter

Is steam matter?

Yes, steam is matter. It's considered a liquid AND a gas. When it's more than one state of matter, it is considered being in a "colloidal state".

Is steam made up of matter?

Yes, steam is made up of water molecules.

What state of matter is steam formation?

Water vapour, or steam, is water in its gaseous form.

Which is better, pump or steam espresso machines?

It is a matter of preference. But steam is trickier to use.

What kind of state of matter is steam?

It is a gas, assuming you are talking about dry steam. If it is wet steam, it is both a gas and a liquid.

What is the difference between substance and matter?

H2O is a matter. This matter can come in the substance of ice, water or steam.

Which type coupling used in steam turbine?

Membrane-type flexible coupling is used in steam turbines.

What is in steam energy?

inside steam is tiny particals that is called steam energy this steam energy are a type of energy used in factorys

What is meant by moisture in steam?

whenever there is presence of moisture(water content) in steam due to which one cannot refer that steam as dry steam...then this type of steam are termed as wet steam!!

What type of change causes a difference in the look of matter but the molecules that make up the matter stay the same?

Physical changes, such as the change from ice to water to steam; the compound remains as H2O in all three states.

Is food a type of matter?

yes food is a type of matter , because its ingredients is a type of matter !

A liquid a solid or a gas is what type of matter?

Matter is either a solid (like wood), a liquid (like water) or a gas (like air). Those are the three states of matter. A substance can be any of them depending on its temperature; for example water can be ice or water or steam.

What are ice water and steam examples of?

They are examples of states of matter.

What happens to steam at 105 degrees Celsius?

at 105 degreesCelsius,steam is still steam.at about 50,000 degrees Celsius,steam turns into plasma, the fourth state of matter.

What type of cycle used in steam turbine?

Rankine cycle is used in steam turbine

What is the most common type of matter?

Dark matter is the most common type of matter. The most common type of normal matter is Hydrogen.

Is steam a form of precipitation?

snow, sleet, hail, rain, ect. are forms of precipitation. steam could be considered evaporation, or a change in state of matter (water heated to steam)

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