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DDR DIMM has 184 pins.

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What is a dual inline memory module?

A duel inline memory module (DIMM) is an advanced version of randome access memory (RAM) that came after the singe inline memory module (SIMM) that runs on 168, 184, or 240 pins.

How many pins on a DRAM?

How many pins a DRAM module has depends on its type. A SDRAM, for instance, has 168 pins while DDR SDRAM has 184 pins.

How many pins are on a SIMM and RIMM?

SIMM memory modules have 168 pins. RIMMs or DIMMs have 184 pins. The difference in pins increases the throughput capability significantly.

How many notches are on a DDR SDRAM module?

DDR SDRAM has one notch and uses 184 pins.

Which two of the following describes the number of pins normally associated with dual inline memory modules?

168 184

Which type of memory module has 184 pin memory?

The 184-pin DIMM configuration was used for DDR SDRAM. It is identified by sharing the larger contact sizes with the earlier SDRAM, but having only one cut out instead of two. Later DDR2 and DDR3 have much smaller contacts.

How many pins on a DDR DIMM?


How many pins are on a DDR DIMM?

184 pins

How do you distinguish 184 pin from 168 pin memory?

While 184-pin DIMMs and 168-pin DIMMs are approximately the same size, 184-pin DIMMs have only one notch within the row of pins

How many pins does a DDR SDRAM use?

184 pins.

What is the difference between 184 pins ddr ram and 200 pins ddr ram are they cross-compatible?

No, they're not cross compatible. 184pin DDR is desktop memory, 200 pin ddr is a SO-DIMM, which is laptop memory.

How many pins are on DDR DIMM modules?

Sometimes its 184 Pins

How many pins are on a sdram dimm on a ddr dimm on a simm on a rimm?

168 pins are used on SDRAM DIMM. 184 pins are used on DDR DIMM. There are either 30 pins or 72 pins used on SIMM. 184 pins are used on RIMM.

2 how many pins are on a sdram dimm on a ddr dimm on a simm on a rimm?

: A SDRAM DIMM has 168 Pins : A DDR DIMM has 184 Pins : A SIMM has 30 or 72 Pins : A RIMM has 184 or 168

How many pins in DDR2 RAM?

DDR2 has 240 pins, (DDR1 has 184).

The number of pins in DDram2?

All DDR chips have 184 pins while DDR2 have 240 pins

How many pins are found on a DIMM?

DIMMS are rated by speed and the amount of memory they hold. They have 168, 184, or 240 pins on the edge of the connector board and hold from 8 MB to 2 GB of RAM.

Can you replace pc800 40 rdram with kvr800x18 256 memory?

KVR800X18/256 is RDRAM. It's specs are: Memory Type: Rambus RDRAM Capacity: 256 MB Pins: 184 Bus Type: PC800 Error Correcting: Yes ECC Memory Speed: 40 ns Data Transfer rate: 800 Mhz Voltage: 2.5 volts.

How many pins does ddr sdram use?

DDR SDRAM uses 184 pins.

How many cut in ddr2 ram?

ddr1 184 pins ddr2 240 pins ddr3 240 pins there are 240 pins one side 120 pins and other side 120 pins so 120+120 = 240 pins in ddr2 ram. as well as ddr3 has 240 pins and ddr1 has 184 pins only . by Prem verma from

How many pins are on a DDR DIM?

DIMM. Two types of DIMMs: a 168-pin SDRAM module (top) and a 184-pin DDR SDRAM module (bottom). Note that the SDRAM module has two notches (rectangular cuts or incisions) on the bottom edge, while the DDR1 SDRAM module has only one.

Can PC5300 RAM be used in a computer that has PC3200 RAM?

The same type of RAM with higher speed capabilities can be used on motherboard which supports that particular memory type, but it will work to the rated speed supported by the motherboard or at the speed of the slowest memory on the memory bus. - Neeraj Sharma PC5300 is more correctly "PC2-5300" and can work in a system that has "PC2-3200" RAM. As Neeraj stated, if mixed, they will operate at the speed of the slowest module. "PC-3200" RAM, however, is not compatible. PC-3200 is DDR SDRAM, having 184 pins. PC2-3200, and PC2-5300 are DDR2 SDRAM, having 240 pins. DDR and DDR2 modules are the same length, but the pins on DDR2 are smaller and the keying notch is in a slightly different position. -Jamal

How many notches are on DDR SDRAM?

184 pins

How many pins has DDR got?

184 normally..

How many pins on the different types of DIMM?

Types of DIMMs are DDR3 and DDR2 that have 240 pins, DDR DIMMs with 184 pins and SDRAM DIMMs with 168 pins.