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Q: What type of metal can withstand the center of the earth?
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What kind of supplies do you need to go to the center of the earth?

to do it fast, you need a HUGE drill and a futuristic type of metal that can withstand the hot intensity of the earth's core.

What type of metal is Barium?

barium is an alkaline earth metal.

Ca is an example of what type of metal?

alkali earth metal

What type of metal will be for reactive than an alkaline earth metal in the same period?

alkali metal

What type of interior does Earth have?

Hot rock and liquid and solid metal.

Is barium metal or non metal?

it's a metal

What type of tables are considered to be outdoor tables?

"Outdoor tables are made of materials that can withstand the elements of the outdoors. Often you will find them made of vinyl, plastic, wicker, as well as metal."

What type of element does calcium produce?

Calcium is an element. It's an alkaline earth metal, if that helps.

Is earth Virgo a stamina type bey blade?

yes cause the metal is defence and stamina

What is the type of rock can withstand weathering the best?


What type of bone is adapted to withstand stress?

Compact Bone

What type of rock is the earth's outer core made of?

Earth's outer core is not made of rock. It is made of molten metal; mostly iron and nickel.