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What type of milk (goat cow etc.) can kittens drink?


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December 26, 2014 10:01PM

Do NOT use Cow's milk, will cause diarrhea. Use special formulas made for kittens. You can find them at Pet Supply or Pet Stores, such as KMR or Just Born formulas or your can use canned milk diluted one part water to one part canned milk or goat's milk diluted one part goat's milk to one part water. Goat's milk is very rich so be careful. I prefer the formulas that are already made up as they have all the vitamins and minerals needed. At three weeks of age you can start mixing in mushy dry kitten food. Just soak it until it is very soft and mix in some of the formula in it. Then as time goes by wean off the milk part and use just the dry kitten food. Use a good name brand, not some cheap generic brand.