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Copper pennies, obviously copper. Brass, obviously brass. Nails, I believe would be steel. I believe the correct answer is Zinc.


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Is there copper metal in pennies nails and brass?

Although US one-cent coins (pennies) were once mostly copper, today they are 97.5% zinc with a copper plating. Copper nails are rare due to the metal's malleable nature, but zinc nails can be plated with copper as are pennies. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and is widely used.

Do nails rust in air?

That depends on what the nails are made of. The nails on you fingers will not rust in air Copper nails or brass nails will not rust in air. However Iron nails will eventually rust in the air.

What are construction nails made out of?

Construction nails are usually made of steel. They can also be made of aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, even stainless steel.

Why does a nail rust faster than a penny?

Nails are made of iron, but pennies are copper and zinc. Iron reacts with oxygen to form rust, but copper on the outside of a penny does not.

From which other metals - apart from iron - do they make nails?

Some nails are made of copper or brass. Also, some nails are galvanized to protect them from rust. There are also aluminum nails--they're used with vinyl siding and aluminum trim coil.

What changes in the colour of iron nails and copper sulphate solution do you observe after keeping the iron nails dipped in copper sulphate solution for about 30 minutes?

The iron nails will have a reddish-brown coating or deposit which is actually copper. It happens because Iron is more reactive than copper and so it DISPLACES copper from copper sulfate solution thus resulting in the deposition of copper on the iron nails.

What household items contain zinc?

You live in the US, pennies that have been made after 1982 are entirely made of zinc (97.5 percent zinc), which has been copper-plated (2.5 percent copper).If however you don't live in the US, galvanized nails are often plated in a layer of zinc.----------- Objects from brass (copper-zinc alloy)- Objects from zinc-plated sheets- Some cosmetics and dermatological creams contain zinc oxyde - ZnO

What are the variables in a potato battery?

There are several variables involved in making a potato battery. Specifically, the variables include the potato, two pennies, galvanized nails, and some copper wire.

What happens when iron nails are placed in copper sulphate solution with word equation?

If iron nails are placed in a copper sulphate solution they turn green and rusted which means they become copper plated nails.I think the word equation is :iron + copper sulphate - copper + Iron sulphate.Iron displaces copper

How does mineralogist identify the hardness of a mineral?

Minerologists identify mineral harness with a variety of tools. In order of hardness, they gnerally use their fingernails, nails, copper pennies, knife blades, glass, porcelain and other minerals such as quartz, topaz, corundum and diamond. The Moh's Hardness Scale gives a list of minerals in order of hardness with talc being the softest with a rating of "1" and diamond the hardest at a "10".

How do you separate steel nails from brass screws?

Use a magnet. Brass is non ferrous and will not be attracted to the magnet.

What happens when iron nails are placed in copper sulphate solution?

the solution turns green and the nails develop a brown deposit which is copper. the iron displaces the copper in the copper sulphate solution. This is because iron is more reactive than copper.

What is copper commonly used for?

Copper flashings on roofs , copper water supply, copper drainage (DWV) copper gas lines (medical etc) copper for electric, copper for art work, copper mixed with other metals to create an alloy like bronze or brass, copper nails to prevent rusting when exposed to the elements, used in fire suppression systems and air conditioning and heating applicationsCopper is gold wire electricety dumb people hello:)

How do you make brass nails?

With brass (tin and zinc) wire, cut into lengths, form head and sharpen point.

What happens on placing iron nails in a beaker containing Copper Sulphate?

when iron nails are kept in a beaker containing copper sulphate displacement reaction takes place.Iron is more reactive than copper so it displaces copper from the copper sulphate solution.Thus it becomes iron sulphate+copper

Is a hammer and a nail a mineral?

are there minerals in hammers and nails

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