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It's caused by wind going in circular motion.

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A tornado does not have eyes, but an eye. That is because the circular motion causes t to have an opening in the very middle, and they call that an eye.

"Light damage" is the term used to describe the damage caused by an F0 tornado.

Tornadoes form in the updraft portion of a thunderstorm, where warm, moist air rises.

A fire tornado is caused by a dry land area. when a fire is sparked, and there is the right wind currents a spiral is formed and causes a tornado of fire. conditions for fire tornadoes can be caused by wind whipping through trees and thus creating a circular air flow motion making a spiral.

Vibration in a substance creates sound.

it about the boundgary of the tectonics and the crust

Tornadoes are produced by thunderstorms, which are generally associated with low pressure systems.

Yes. A tornado is a type of violent windstorm.

The UCM (uniform circular motion) or a body moving on a frictionless surface have constant acceleration.

Tornadoes are a a phenomenon of weather, not geology. Their occurrence has nothing to do with plate boundaries.

The rotation in the updraft of a thunderstorm is ultimately what causes a tornado. However, most thunderstorms do not have such rotation.

What causes the motion of planets?

Applied force to an object causes motion.

the most destructive tornado type is the F5

a pulling motion causes a normal fault

Applied force causes a change in motion. The change of motion can be from stationary to motion or a change of speed or acceleration.

The energy of a tornado is kinetic energy.

A tornado itself is a type of vortex.

one where Fapp > Ff, if the motion is vertical than Fg =/= Fn where Fapp = 0 or Fapp + Fn =/= Fg

Most deaths during a tornado are caused by debris.

If you mean actual type, the most common tornado is the supercell tornado. If you mean the most common rating, it is F0.

The eye of a tornado is extremely calm and bears no resemblence to all the mayhem that the tornado causes to the outside world.

A tornado comes from a type of storm called a rotating thunderstorm, but is not a storm, itself.

The Natchez tornado of 1840 was a supercell tornado, as are nearly all killer tornadoes, and was probably an F5.

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