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What type of needle is suitable for a basic sewing project?

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I assume that you are speaking of a sewing machine needle size. Sewing with cotton etc., you can use the universal 10/70 for most projects. Remember to change the needle often for best results. ADDITIONAL ANSWER: Needles, thread and fabric are project specific. If you are using a light weight fabric a 70/10 Universal needle should work nicely. However, if you're sewing with denim then you would need a "denim needle" or a universal 90/14 to a 100/16. Medium weight fabrics do well with the Universal 80/12 needle and standard sewing thread you can find in any fabric store. If you are sewing on a stretchy fabric then you need needles designed to slide through the fabric without tearing. And, here again, the size of the needle depends on the weight of the stretchy fabric. If you are sewing on leather, you'll need a leather needle. The best place to learn about needles, thread and fabric is "Threads Magazine" - they have excellent resource guides on their website. Sewmetheway

2008-08-29 20:07:39
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Q: What type of needle is suitable for a basic sewing project?
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What are the basic materials used in manual sewing?

Needle and thread, sometimes a thimble

What type of sewing machine can sew 2 lines at once?

You will need a double-needle sewing machine to sew two lines at once. Some basic sewing machines have the capability to do double-needle sewing, but most do not. Most double-needle sewing machines are commercial or industrial grade and are quite expensive ($600-$2,000+). For some examples of double-needle sewing machines, click the 'related links' below.

What type of needle should you use for basic sewing?

lightweight fabric, size 9 or 11 medium weight 14 heavy weight 16

What are the functions of the sewing machine?

The basic function that most sewing machines share is sewing fabric together with straight stitches. Some machines have more stitches and patterns available to sew. Some machines have automatic needle threading, and start/stop button functions.

What are the different types of stitches used in sewing?

The most basic and frequent stitches used are the single needle stitch, the overlock stitch and the cover stitch. In my sewing, I most often use the prick stitch, whip stitch, and running stitch.

What are the basic parts of a sewing machine?

basic part of tailoring matien

How to Use Sewing Machines?

If you can figure out how to use a sewing machine for a basic stitching that involves a straight shot, you will be able to figure out how to perform more complicated stitching techniques.You can start by learning more about your sewing machine. You can do this by reading the owner's manual. Your sewing machine owner's manual can help you learn more about different sewing machine parts. You can also learn more about what your sewing machine can actually do. When you are ready to use a sewing machine, you need to raise the needle to its highest position. You can do this by turning your sewing machine's hand wheel toward you. The hand wheel can be found at the right of the sewing machine. Make sure that the needle that you are using is the right type of needle for the type of fabric that you are sewing.Once you are sure that you are using the correct needle, you can raise the presser foot and thread the sewing machine. Threading the sewing machine involves pulling the top and the bottom threads through the back and the right of the sewing machine. Place the layers of fabric that you want to use underneath and to the left of the presser foot that you have raised. Make sure that you position the fabric. The fabric should be positioned in such a way that the distance between the needle and the fabric edges do not go over your needed seam allowance. Once the fabric has been positioned correctly, you can lower the presser foot onto the fabric. Move the sewing machine hand wheel. Continue moving the wheel until the needle goes through the fabric. You can now begin sewing with your sewing machine.Start stitching by pressing on the sewing machine's foot pedal. Guide the fabric as the sewing machine pulls the fabric towards the back of the machine. Make sure that you guide the fabric gently. You do not want to rip the fabric as you are stitching. When you have finished with the fabric, you can take your foot off the foot pedal. You also need to raise the needle to its highest position. Remember that this is done by pulling the hand wheel towards you. Raise the presser foot so that you can pull the fabric out. You should also remember that you need to cut the thread in order to release the fabric.

What are the basic tools in sewing?

Basic Sewing ToolsI would suggest the following: Sewing machineMeasuring tapeRulerPinsMagnetic pin holderMarking pen or chalkHem/marking gaugeSharp scissorsSeam ripperGood quality threadHand needlesThimbleExtra bobbinsIronAny requirements mentioned on the pattern envelope for the first project

What is project window in visual basic?

project window in visual basic.

What is the basic stitch length for sewing?

Stitch length is going to depend greatly on the fabric. You are going to use a longer stitch length on denim than you are on chiffon. That is why it is important to test and adjust your stitch length on a scrap of fabric before you begin sewing your project.

What are the equipments needed in sewing?

the equipments needed in sewing are needle thread fabricPer Cassie Wilkerson:This depends on the type of sewing one is doing the basics are:*Needle*Fabric*Thread*But you also need for efficiency a basic sewing machine.Sewing patterns*Pins (hold patterns in place to fabric for cutting or hold a hem in place to sew)*Pin cushion (hold pins & needles but do so w/ thread in needle eye prevent losing needle into pin cushion to pull out via the thread)*Thimble*Needle threader*Needle box with magnet (prevent losing needle and getting stuck)Spare bobbins*Scissors (to cut fabric or thread)Seam ripper (to undue mistakes to remove stitching or alter hems to remove current stitching for modification)Measuring tape (take body adjustments waist or ect)Grease pencil (marking to make adjustments where to sew)Needles vary pending the type of stitch or workThread vary pending color of fabric and or type of fabric materialvarious fabrics pending the type of garment or item you desire to sewIron & Iron board (to remove creases & wrinkles for a better sewing job)Of course a clean flat work surface - to lay out fabric and apply fabric patternsIf clothing (zippers, buttons and fastners or for waist bands even elastic bands)Sometimes fabric starch - (aid in manipulate some fabrics for detail sewing creases pin-tucking and other designs.Sewing machines do vary depending the type of sewing workSergers and even long arm sewing machines for quilt making.It doesn't have to be as elaborate but the starred **items are usually the basic needs again it depends on the type of sewing usually most will only need a standard travel sewing kit to reattach a button or repair a minor rip or fallen hem.

What are in a sewing kit?

Your basic sewing kit is scissors, tape measure(not the aluminum kind), sewing marker of pencil, seam gauge, a box of good pins, and patience.

Where could one go to purchase some basic sewing tools?

There are many places one could go to purchase basic sewing tools to accompany a sewing machine. Sites like Amazon and eBay have tools while specialty sites like Etsy provide sales of tools and information about sewing.

What is beaded jewelry?

Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire, or sewing them to cloth.Beads come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Beads are used to create jewelry or other articles of personal adornment; they are also used in wall hangings and sculpture and many other crafts. How ever looking beautiful is basic moto for buying a jewelry from stores as

What are the different types of sewing machines?

There are four different types of sewing machines. They include mechanical, electronic, computerized, and manual sewing machines. The type you choose depends on the features you want and the sewing project you are working on.The 3 sewing machines I can think of that are readily available on the retail market are: basic sewing machines, Serger machines, and embroidery machines.Brands of Household Sewing Machines:Bernina Sewing MachinesBrother Sewing MachinesSinger Sewing MachinesHistorical chronology for sewing machine features:Manual with foot pedal, not run on electricity but from using your foot on a metal grate; bobbin and spool were both outside the machinevery basic electrical sewing machine, with electrical foot pedal - these continued to evolve; most had very few features, just forward and reverse stitching; bobbin moved to inside the machinaddition of different types of sewing "feet" to allow zig-zag stitching, hemming, work on sleeves, narrow pant legs, etc.addition of more knobs that permitted different types and lengths of stitchesvery fancy computerized machines for embroidery and quilting stitching through batting (but quilt tops could be made on the most basic of machines)I still have a Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine, a popular and top of the line basic machine sold in the early 1970s.

What is a basic sewing machine used for?

It is use for sewers why are novices at the sport. Answer two: The sewing machine is used to make stronger seams than hand sewing can do, and to sew clothing faster. Sewing by hand takes much longer.

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Why is it important to learn the basic hands sewing stitches?

to c c cbcdv

What stitching did sewing machines do in the 1900's?

in the 1900's sewing machines did a basic strait stitch. some would do a zigzag but not many.

Where i found A project on fee management written in visual basic?

visual basic

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No, you will need to create a new project and add the code files to the new project. Yes, but you made need to make some changes to the code

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Basic diving accessories include breathing apparatus, a diving reel, dry boxes or bags, suitable apparel, depth gauges, trauma shears and a suitable mask.