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Hey, there aren't sterotypes to drug use. Anyone can and could us meth. It ranges any where from high end billion dollar makers to troubled teens as well as homeless peopple on the street

Illegal drug use doesn't discriminate

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Who is most likely to use crystal meth?


What famous people use meth?

There are several famous people who have admitted to using meth in the past. Fergie, Lindsey Lohan, Robert Downey Jr, and Jodi Sweeten are just a few with past meth problems.

Do you lose weight when you use meth?

Usually people who use meth will lose weight due to the few symptoms. The lack of appetite and lack of sleep are key symptoms

What are 5 illegal and addictive drugs people use?


Is meth a hallucinogen?

No meth is not a hallucinogen itself, however meth use will cause insomnia which then leads to sleep deprivation, and its the sleep deprivation that causes the so called "meth hallucinations". but no meth is not a hallucinogen, its a psycho stimulant

Where can you find mothers gun bluing?

You won't. Too many people were trying to use it to make meth.

How people use the drug methamphetamine?

Depends on what kind crystal meth is generally smoked or injected however you can snort it if cut down enough. Regular meth is usually snorted or injected

Where to inject meth?

most people prefer to put meth in their veins. forearm and biceps.

What drugs did Hitler use?


Can you use acetaminophen to cook meth?


What does it mean when a meth user is tweaking?

easiest way to put it is if a meth user is tweeking he/she is high on meth. tweeking is the slang for high on meth. its like how when u smoke pot u get "stoned". use meth and you get "tweeked" or "twacked"

What is suggested to pas urine test for meth in 24 to36 hours?

Dont use meth.

How to pass ua test for meth?

The best way to pass a test for meth is to not use the drug.

How do people learn to make meth?

majority of the time people learn how to manufacture meth while serving jail/prison time

What type of money do japan people use?

the type of money that japan people use are (yen)

If you use meth 30 minutes before a SURPRISE drug test will you come out positive Only other drug i use is pot but this was the first time using meth?

Yes, if you use Meth and have a surprise drug test after 30 minutes, the result will be positive.

What are the common symptoms to identify people on Meth?

An individual who uses meth will commonly look older than their age, have skin breakouts, lose a lot of weight, and have severe tooth decay. There isn't usually a strong odor attached to the use of meth unless the individual is around a lot.

How many people die from meth?

All of them.

Famous people who have died from taking meth?


How do you pass a swab drug test for crystal meth?

Simple, never use or go near crystal meth.

Can you get meth in your sytem from second hand smoke?

Yep, so don't hang around people doing meth!

What influences teens to use meth?

Peer pressure...

What weapons did Hitler use?

he used chrystal meth

What does crystal meth and adderall show up on a drug test as?

Drug tests will test for meth, not simply amphetamines, so one cannot use the excuse of adderall if they fail for meth.

What sinus and cold medication over the counter would be the worst for your drug test to be positive in meth?

A meth test detects meth. It is no use trying to say it was some cold cure.

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