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A gas-fired power station takes the least time to start up.

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Q: What type of power station has the least start up time?
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What type of power station has the shortest start up time?

A gas-fired power station has the shortest start up time out of all three fossil fuels

What is the start up time for geothermal power station?

Geothermal power stations are built by digging into the Earth's crust and tapping into the direct heat that is never ending. It generally takes around nine months to start a geothermal power station.

Start up time for a coal power station?

This list shows the type of fuel in order of start of time going from short to long.gas-fired station (shortest start-up time)oil-fired stationcoal-fired stationnuclear power station (longest start-up time)However I do not know the exact time.S. T. Wilson

Which type of fossil fuel power station has the shortest start-up time?

Gas stations start up the quickest because they use gas turbines and do not require water to be boiled up to produce steam.

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How long does it take to start generating electricity in a geothermal energy station?

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