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journalistic questions

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Q: What type of questions ask Who What Where When Why How So what?
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How do you ask questions of Google?

You type an answer into Google.

Why does WikiAnswers want you to ask questions?

We want you to ask your questions so we can give you our answers!

Why do people ask lame questions?

people ask lame questions because their bored and have nothing to do. so they think of lame questions to bother people. i know because my class acts like that. also because people run out of questions to ask so they sometimes ask not so smart questions

How do you talk to a girl who does not talk much?

Just be with her and do things together with her. Don't do it secretly. You can ask her friends what type of things she likes and then ask her about them. Ask questions so she has to answer and build off her answer.

What questions about hair can you ask?

You can ask any questions about hair, hairstyling, hair accessories and so on.

What type of questions can you ask to the cause of starvation?

As in what types of questions can you ask to the cause of starvation to someone with an eating disorder or another topic?

How do you ask questions in this page?

you click the white box where it says "ask", and type in your question (=

What type of questions would a philosopher ask?

What is the meaning of language.

Tell me what type of question do you want me to ask?

Any questions will do.

Can you ask adult questions on

Yes -there are various 'Adult' categories that are specifically for questions of this type.

Where is the green bar to ask the questions?

I believe WikiAnswers have updated their look. So from now on, when you want to ask a question, you simply type it into the blue bar above instead.

What type of questions do marriage counselors ask?

Typically, marriage counselors ask questions about the couple's roles, patterns, rules, goals, and beliefs.