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What type of gun does dinozo use on ncis?

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo uses a 9mm Sig Sauer, the same as the rest of the team.

What type of sunglasses does tony dinozzo wear on ncis?

ray bans

What type of plague was Dinozzo on NCIS sick with?

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo had the Pneumonic Plague.The Bubonic Plague becomes the Pneumonic Plague once it hits the lungs.We know that it reached that point because Ducky points out that there is no scarring on the lungs of the charred body they had mistaken for Tony and therefore cannot be Tony.

NCOs continue the soldierization process of newly assigned enlisted Soldiers and begin their profession development What type of training are NCOs responsible for?

conducting standards-based, performance-oriented, battle-focused training

In the episode of NCIS titled Missing what type of belt buckle knife does Special Agent Dinozzo have?

gil hibben gentleman

What type of skateboard does Tony Hawk use?

Tony hawk uses a birdhouse skateboard

How did Tony Almeida's wife die?

Type your answer here how did tony dinnozzo wife die

Were did Tony Hawk study?

1324 Type your answer here...

What type of government did the Sui dynasty have?

A Dictatorship -Tony Cepero

What type of company is Tony Kart?

Tony Kart is a company based in Prevalle, Italy and they manufacture kart chassis (or engines). The company was founded in 1958 by Antonio "Tony" Bosio.

What type of race car does Tony Stewart drive?

In the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, Tony Stewart drives a Chevrolet Impala.

How do you type in cheats on tony hawks proving ground?

you first type in your cheatcode then press done da

What is the cheat for Unlimited Money in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground?

type in jackass

Where can I watch the whole tony awards show 2008 online I know it's too late?

To watch the tony awards again, go to youtube and type in Tony awards 2008, and if that doesn't work than i don't know.

Who wore number 4 and played for the University of Kentucky?

Type your answer here... tony delk

What type of word can you makr with the letters m t r n s o o a y? Astronomy Tony Roma's Tony Ramos Tony Romas Tory MasonAmy S. Orton

In Tony Hawk underground 2 remix how do type in cheats?

go to the main menu then go to options then go to cheat codes and type in in

How do you type cheat codes on Tony Hawk pro skater 4?


What type of computer does tony stark use?

he uses apple moniters... so stupid.... sadface.

What type of car does tony iommi drive?

As far as I know Tony Iommi is quite a Petrolhead and was known in the 70's for having 2 lamborghini's and a rolls Royce parked in his driveway

What is the nickname for Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk, whose full name is Anthony Frank Hawk, has a nickname known as "The Birdman." This is most likely linked to his last name, Hawk, which is a type of bird.

What type of government did japan have during the medieval times?

japan was run by tony Blair at this persist time

How do you hack the game tony hawks underground 2 to get all the people?

You go to cheats and type in "costars!"

What type of ship did tony curtis serve on in the filmthe great imposter?

I think it was a cruiser, in the Canadian Navy.

Why is there a skateboard brand called Birdhouse?

Tony Hawk founded the Birdhouse brand and a "Hawk" is a type of bird.