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Hollistic Rubric

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Q: What type of rubric contains a rating scale?
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Which type of rubric contain a rating scale?

general scale. SUCK MY DICK!

What type of rubric has a rating scale?

both types of rubrics have a rating scale: both general and specific rubrics

What is the octane rating of methanol?

The octane rating of methanol depends on the octane rating scale measurement type used, n-Heptane is the zero point of the octane rating scale then the octane rating of methanol is 115

What is the purpose of a rubric?

A rubric is a tool used by a teacher to give you a grade in most times it is a type of chart on a piece of loose leaf.

How air pressure change by the type of tornado?

If by type you mean Fujita (F) scale rating, then generally the stronger the tornado the lower the pressure.

What does a specific rubric evaluate?

It evaluates individual criteria for certain type of writing

How do I make a Rubric?

information involving any type of school project or important work you have to do.

What type of rating system do tornadoes have that determine how severe they are?

Tornadoes are rated on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which uses damage sevrity to asses the intensity of a tornado.

What type of scale does a Richter scale use?

a logarithmic scale

Are credit ratings intended to be comparable across different sectors and regions?

Yes. Most rating agencies use the same rating scale across different types of companies. The rating scale is designed to provide a common language for comparing creditworthiness, regardless of the type of entity or assets underlying the debt instrument or the structure of the financial obligation. This means that a 'A' rated party irrespective of whether it is a bank or a government or an automobile manufacturer carries the same level of credit risk as with other entities that have been assigned the same rating.

What is 'thermometric scale'?

A thermometric scale is a type of scale that measures degrees.

What is a rubric's general appearance and contents?

There are two kinds of rubrics. The first is a dyed letter or string of words that set off a passage; it has been replaced by italic and bold type and the highlighter. The other is the scoring rubric that is a set of prerequisites, scales, and definitions for examination or test scores.