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What type of scientist studies plant fossils?


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A Paleobotanist studies plant fossils


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Moss is a type of plant, and a botanist studies plants.

Paleontologists study fossils and ancient life, including, but not limited to, dinosaurs. A Paleobotanist studies plant fossils. Palaeontologist / paleontologist.

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The type of scientist that studies animal life is a zoologist

The name for this type of scientist is a teuthologist

Geologist studies fossils, but a zoologist studies animals, and a botanist studies plants.

An environmental scientist.

An environmental scientist studies environmental science.

A geological scientist studies rock and stones.

a type of scientist who studies about metal is called metallururgist

A scientist who studies heredity is a geneticist. This type of science studies genetics. This type of study was first performed by Gregor Mendel.

A paleontologist is the type of person who would study fossils and dinosaurs.

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A scientist who studies animal life is a zoologist. There is no particular name for a scientist that specialises in platypuses.

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an enviornmentalist studies the enviorment

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zoologistZoologist are scientist that study animals

A planetary scientist, climatologist or astronomer.

A scientist studying materials from the earth is a Geologist.

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