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12 gauge

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Q: What type of shotgun gauge should you use on turkeys?
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Info on 12 gauge shotgun with serial number 49136?

what type of shotgun is this

What is the value of a4270 12 gauge shotgun that is not stamped?

describe the type of shotgun and recheck the serial number

What is a gauge on saints row 1?

its like a caliber for a shotgun type gun

What does fowling mean?

A fowling piece is a type of shotgun.

How old is a browning shotgun with serial number 158320?

You will need to provide a little more information.Please indicate what type of Browning shotgun that you have,and what gauge your shotgun is in.

What is a 20 gauge?

a 20 gauge is a type of many shotguns but it is smaller than a 12 gauge but bigger that a 410. a 20 gauge is a good shotgun for all ages.

What is the value of a20 gauge browning shotgun serial 68X14725?

I would need to know the model type of your shotgun to help answer your question.

In the TV Series the Beverly HIllbillies What was the type of shotgun Granny used?

'Granny' used a double-barreled , 12-gauge shotgun .

The value of the Stevens double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 Serial A41731 and its value?

What isthe value of a Stevens double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 and when was it made?

Age of Stevens 79 20 gauge shotgun?

A Stevens 79 20 gauge shotgun depends on the specific shotgun. This model can be produced over and over each year. Therefore, the year of the gun is based on the specific gun, not the type of gun.

What type of wood for T barker 12 gauge shotgun?

Walnut, beech, birch, ash

What is the value of 1952 A 5 browning 16 gauge shotgun?

Between 300-550 dollars depending on barrel type and overall condition of the shotgun.

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